So, Will The New Lvl 4 Enders Be Optional?

I can see why the new shadows aren’t, but I think these should. Some could see it as an interruption to gameplay, or they may just not like it. Options are good, so I think there needs to be an option between the old and new animation.


I wouldn’t count on it. Nothing else that’s been requested to be optional, in terms of gameplay graphics, have been made optional, so I sincerely doubt this will.

I like how whenever there is something new in the game it then comes with people asking to have it optional lol if it is a part of the system and overall game design now for whatever reason then get used to it


It seems odd that every new effect has been greeted with “so can this be optional? because it’s not as good as the old effects”


How is it an interruption? It is exactly the same speed.


Its not the speed, its the suddenness of the look and camera angle that can throw you off.


pls enough of these kind of posts already!!! its awesome and its part of the game!!! smdh

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But options, my son. Options and compromises solve most wars, and make the world go round.

Hopefully not.

People whine that the game is to plain and then the devs go in a spruce things up like change the shadow VFX, the meters, the menus and give people cinematic combos that everyone was clamoring for and all the community can do is meet them with more complaints and requests to disable what they worked to improve.


Who said it was plain?

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There have been plenty of complaints over the seasons that the game is “low budget” looking and needs improvement.

I dont think the new animation is helping the low budget look, unless they can make it look a lot more natural. We will see the 29th.


These new ender animatons make the game look even more ‘low-budget’ they never should have touched them in the first place.

That being said the new character select and lighting looks great, that’s all they needed to change.


Guess you can’t please everyone, I think they look interesting.

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It’s barely been shown. Give it some time.

Anyway I don’t see them giving the option to disable any of the new VFX, their mantra has always been about how they want the game to be played the way they envision it. That’s why you can’t play the training stage in multiplayer, because they don’t want to compromise their artistic vision of the game like that, so I wouldn’t count on them changing that tune and allowing for major visual overhauls to be toggled on and off like that.

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Right! :wink:

So much stuff today, things I liked and others that do not! Let’s start from what I HAVE NOT ACCEPTABLE:

  • The images of the S2 wrestlers, those in the player emblems, are still the concept art and not the hero art.
  • When you make a ender 4 hits part of an animation with background … honestly you could avoid.
  • During the Vs screen, the background appears again with sliding movement, the problem is the jerkiness of the movement due to the loading of the Match, which culminates in a sudden blockage of the entire screen before the match, it would be better to insert a black background with a light smoke, and the new most welcome intro selection of wrestlers to decorate the whole thing instead of putting them in their selection.
  • I do not at all appreciate this new feature which allows you to set the sound issue in the stage, essentially everything is now a mixed salad, they have gone on to be confused for the last four stages of the game and resulted in these unfortunate choices. …
  • I did not like the choice to make the new colors available only to those who buy the statuettes, reminds me of the bonus can be acquired through the amiibo Nintendo (much cheaper) pity though that amiibo unlike KI statuettes, are marketed throughout the world, so we are most penalized.
  • The new wrestlers selection screen now has much more charisma.
  • The new emblem player appears less bulky;
  • The new intro to the wrestlers selection are well-maintained;
  • The placement of the lighting is really beautiful masterfully;
  • The characteristic shadow now has a why, and is expressed through the color purple, such as the skulls of Spinal, purple now because they influence the shadow energy, as well as all the shadow moves, now leaves a purple trail.
  • The results of the battle eventually appear on a gold and purple color scheme in honor of KI2 …
  • All material regarding the recent new wrestlers seem well cared for, from the back to the colors costumes.
  • The theme Arbiter is currently (for me) the best theme of KI.
  • In general, I’m liking that KI is increasingly on the lips of the people and the web.
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Just FYI, instead of “wrestlers,” you should call them “characters” or “fighters.” More people will understand that terminology :wink:


yes!!! it is the fault of google translator, bored me to change all the words XD