So which characters do you think Mira has the easiest/hardest times against?

Coming from someone who mained Hisako, it makes me very happy to say that Mira makes fighting against Riptor so much easier. Stuck in the corner with Riptor laying down Flame Carpets spamming j.HP? Just mist out! Suddenly fighting Riptor became a walk in the park.

Aside from Riptor I think Mira can do pretty well against Aria and TJ Combo. Using the mist to get away from those crazy assists Aria has is real nice, and Mira’s bats are very effective against TJ Combo. His forward roll dash move I think has some projectile invincibility but since she uses 3 bats 1 or 2 of them will hit him.

My Mira has a hard time against Orchid/Omen. Can’t really explain why but these 2 I tend to just switch back to my main.

Imo aerial characters are going to be her weakness. Her hp anti air is kinda meh and her grab anti air does no damage and gets beat out a lot so it’s not really a good deterrent to stop aerial attacks.

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I’ve also had trouble with this. Mostly because if I wakeup mist those characters usually slide and get me as soon as I appear.

Rash is difficult if he tongues across the screen from the top. Dealing with the falling frog cross up is tough unless you spam mist a lot.

Mira has a heck of a time against Kan-Ra. Could be her worst match-up. She can’t approach without using blood and he seals her aerial movement too.

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I don’t know about Kan Ra. She tosses three bats at a time, of which should nullify most scarabs. She can mist away from Sand Scorpion. She just has to be the aggressor.

That’s what I thought, but every time I threw out bats, even the fast ones, I kept getting nailed by sand. It’s so hard to build momentum against him if he just just runs back the entire time.

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I think she also has an advantage over TJ due to length of her attacks and the quick double hit in Reaper. I almost got perfected twice the other night because, and admittedly it was my first time fighting her, I could not figure out how to get in.

But I don’t believe in bad matchups, just differences in tools. To the Bat-Lab!

Kan can sand spike her on reaction to tossing out bats. You don’t really notice her recovery on them most of the time, but Kan is one of those characters who can really expose it. A bat in neutral is a guaranteed sand spike on reaction - it doesn’t even require particularly good reactions to be honest.


Characters you’ll never be able to summon bats in neutral against:
Wulf: On reaction slide punish (only from half screen though so you should be fine at full screen.)
Orchid: On reaction slide punish.
Spinal: On reaction teleport punish.
Fulgore: On reaction teleport punish or on reaction heavy laser punish.
Shago: On reaction slide punish.
Kan-ra: On reaction sand spike punish.
Riptor: On reaction running HP punish (instinct only)
Omen: On reaction slide punish
Aganos: On reaction ruin punish
Hisako: On reaction decent punish
Aria: On reaction bass body dissonance punish.
Rash: Can’t punish but one tongue eats all three bats… why??

Imo these bats need less recovery on summon. Or maybe make the bat cancel bug an actual mechanic so that she can summon less bats in order to block sooner.

Nah. The bats are primarily setup projectiles - there should be a cost to trying to toss them out in neutral. For a lot of characters having those things on the screen legitimately locks them down, so Mira shouldn’t be able to toss them out for free. She also gets them pretty safely off certain knockdowns, so even against characters who can punish neutral bats, you’ll still see them pretty consistently I think.

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Not sure where to draw the line between characters I personally struggle with and who Mira struggles with, but thunder and shadow jago can be difficult. Rash is hard to lock down also

So has anyone noticed how completely stupid the Sadira match up is? Since your anti-air grab can’t reach her double jump height (plus it’d get stuffed by widows bite anyway) and your down HP is useless, your only option to hit her out of the air is to jump up and MP her. And on the Sadira end of things, she can’t go for her usual double/triple cross up shenanigans on your wake up since mist just gets you out of that, widows bite jump ins are also made useless due to mist again, and her instinct is also made completely useless thanks to mist. So you both just spend the entire match trying to air to air each other and it just looks silly.

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Rash, omen, sadira, kan-ra, and cinder have given me trouble. She really lacks the tools to contain them. In general, if you can do something nutty in the air you’ll probably do alright vs mira. She’d probably have issues with maya too, but I haven’t even run into a maya player to figure that matchup out.

Not even close. Mira’s only projectile is bats, which means that everything else she can do to cause damage is counterable. No character that has to strike with physical attacks gets to pressure Hisako for free.

I recommend thinking of Mira as a different variation on Sadira, i.e. a highly mobile aerial character. Treat it the same - Hisako’s air buttons have much better range than anything Mira’s got, so Mira doesn’t get to just air dash in at you for free. Check her with jump+HP/MP depending on spacing, almost as if you were Glacius. If she’s got a setup on you with bats that you don’t want to guess on, use descent to reset positioning to something more favorable - most of Mira’s bat setups aren’t quite meaty, and if she’s already in the air she won’t generally be able to punish it.

I recommend heading over to the Hisako sub-forum and checking out the Hisako/Sadira MU thread. The fights aren’t completely analogous, but there are enough similarities that it should give you a decent place to start in terms of how you should try to manage the neutral. Mira’s only real advantage is that she kind of gets to ignore Hisako’s oki mixups - other than that the fight is pretty even (so far at least).

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Kan Ra and Omen have been the toughest fights for my Mira thus far.

I haven’t honestly had much trouble VS. Sadira as Mira.

Light bats come fast and cover a spot on the screen that Sadira likes to contest; if I feel too pressured or in danger of losing track of blocking cross-ups I can just bail out with mist; IAD+HK works well to knock her out of the air if she’s jumping around at half screen; St.MP has godlike range and general harassment with bats/St.MP can make it hard for her to get in her effective grounded range; Trephine doesn’t hit low so it doesn’t get instantly beat by Blade Demon; Mira can bully wakeup with the best of them and Sadira’s wakeup game is uhh… yeah…

I dunno - maybe that helps, maybe it doesn’t.

There’s already a cost, her health! It’s already hurting her to throw bats, except for the LP bats, and they all die when Mira is hit. The recovery should be shortened to make up for all the disadvantages.

I use light bats in neutral often without getting punished for it. I’m honestly a little scared of what we could do with light bats with minimal recovery. Might be a little too stronk.

Which is why people tend to throw light bats, both in neutral and on setups. For much of the cast, it’s nearly impossible to punish Mira for throwing them if you don’t have a meter or a teleport - they cover quite a bit of space in front of her on spawn and she spins away from them.

Mira’s bats are very good and synergize well with her tools, very much including the light bats. She gets disgusting setups against most of the cast off of them when used properly, even with her long recovery on them. Bats are very strong - you just don’t get to toss them out in neutral against certain characters. Adjust your play accordingly.

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Orchird for sure, she is a nightmare against Mira

Really? I wouldn’t have thought so. What makes the fight tough?