So..when the hell are we gonna see some damn new stuff?

Wat do u know about the story?

I don’t know anything about Season 3 story, I’m simply assuming it will be good.

@Ishmae1 When's KI S3 launch trailer? Please tell me! I'm very tired of waiting.

— KevBones10 (@KevBones10) February 14, 2016

@KevBones10 THANK YOU! It's been a while since I had an opportunity to use this.

— Adam Isgreen (@Ishmae1) February 14, 2016

(Sigh) Adam is really worst troll… lol


I think anyone expecting everything to be there except for characters is setting themselves up for disappointment.

There’s a few things they confirmed already.

  1. It’s launching with more characters than Season 2 (which launched with 2).

  2. For patches/characters they’ll be releasing minor patches monthly and one major patch every few months which will include character paks.

I can see them releasing character packs every 3 months which will include 2-3 characters each.

I believe for S3 to be successful at launch they’ll need the following (in no particular order).

  1. New UI
  2. Each Character have their own Dojo.
  3. One new game mode
  4. 4 new characters.

They also already confirmed the Lightning change on all Stages that could improve the graphics :smiley:

They’re adding lightning to all the stages as well?

I heard they’re going to improve the lighting already :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that stages like Aganos’s Stage (That have water) could be greatly improved with this new lightning system :slightly_smiling:

I highly doubt new dojo stuff will make Season 3 at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if they scrapped dojo because of all the mechanic changes.

Adam Isgreen has already stated changes are coming to the dojo.

I’d rather have a character viewer and ultimates for each character than a dojo

Don’t we already technically have that by going into the character customization and rotating the character?

Sure you can’t zoom in/out, but it’s something.

Also unless there there’s something more to it that I’m missing, what’s the purpose and how many times would you actually go in and stare at your character model and rotate him around after the first or second time you get a new accessory on or such?

Ultimate you have my support 200% and I’m 99.9% sure they’re working on that, might not be at launch but it’s coming. I don’t remember who said something about it and kind of alluded to that by saying once they made the instinct animation for Aria work it opened a whole skew of possibilities and that’s what allowed Shago’s ultimate to become reality.

Not unless you compare it to Marvel vs capcom 3, mortal kombat X and soul calibur character viewers.

IG most likely will not implement this, but it’s a dream.

If they did bring the zoom feature back I’d be happy, but i love the music and would not mind having one like the aforementioned for times you take a break from the game (meal time, phone call, cleaning) in which you are preparing to play the game and cannot necessarily be in a match at the time. Maybe I’m the only one who has the game on more than immediately going to a match.

I hope I explained that properly. :slight_smile:

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i just got a feeling from this week for sure will be some news

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You mean like a music player in KI that plays the songs?

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A fan service like a museum-like option to appreciate the characters!
I know it’s extra but I really thought those extras were cool…

Just thought it’d be nice to be able to go to the section and view

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