So..when the hell are we gonna see some damn new stuff?

Extremely plausible I’d say

I have my doubts about how this will work in practice. I have a tough time casual players are going to grind their way to new characters. We will see.

I wish you the best of luck with this. Just an FYI, my PC can run SF IV AE on max settings at something like 170 fps, but it won’t run SFV on max settings at all. So there is a significant jump from one to the other. I am still well above the minimum specs and the game runs very well, so I can’t address how the game will perform below the minimum requirements.

I’m way too wary of viruses of PC, performance, etc I think a lot of people are going to expect they can run KI and win10 (maybe win10 alone alleviates that lol)on these less than PCs… And they will realize the PC purchase may be the lesser choice than buying the dedicated console version!

In very glad they gave PC users opportunity to play KI I welcome the addition of thousands of new players!

Since I do like to keep my PC for actual work/ spreadsheets and I truly don’t invest in graphics cards etc I’m glad to have the console!

The biggest news we need to know about is when Mayas MP & HK autos get different animations :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to see a Season 3 launch trailer pretty soon, teasing the new characters and features we will see

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lol I was never planning on running it on max.

As it should. Either way it all goes back to MS since it will be Windows Store exclusive so even if they don’t buy a console, which they probably wouldn’t, they still end up financially supporting the game for new content.

I don’t think we’re getting any new information until all of the character bios for Season 2 are completed. Right now Aganos is next, then Hisako, Cinder, and ARIA.

So 4 weeks from now, we’ll get a Kim Wu bio and POSSIBLY some news on the next new character. :expressionless:

March 14th! Just wait on it…lol

Honestly I wanted to see Kim Wu’s Hero Art and her Backstory… :pensive:

Absolutely! Buy SF5! MKXL is also on the way and these games have a big budget. :sunglasses:

do u mean mkx…plus dlc…mkxl pshh…tryna sell it to some ppl like its a brand new game…kinda crappy

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I’m grabbing SFV (PC), but the silence on fight stick drivers is completely killing my hype.

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Also watch out with the anger my friend. Nicodemus don’t like it at all.:grin:

They did show a lot at KIWC, but it’s interesting because they still have a LOT left to show us before the March release date. Even if we assume late March, that’s only 6 weeks for several new characters (we only know Kim Wu/Rash and the game is launching with 3? 4? 5? characters), all the details on any new UI they have, all the details on the PC version, plans for post-March content and Season 3 in general (how many characters total are coming this season? what other modes are they adding?), etc etc.

That’s a lot to show us in just 6 weeks, so I’m really curious when they’re going to start opening up. They don’t have much time left and a lot to say.

Part of it is, I think, trying to hold back something big (like the Halo character) to combat the SFV launch hype. Maybe we’ll see a new character trailer next week to remind the FGC at large that KI is coming after they’ve started playing SFV.

I already purchased SF5 for my pc but I rather play KI from my XB1 im sure that the new trailers etc. will come in, after the hype for SF5 dies down a little.

after all that kim wu backtalk, i bet they delayed more character info.

Does anyone think it’s possible that Season 3 is not the humongous launch we think it may be? If it were, I feel like we would have an idea of what it’s about. If Season 3 is going on throughout 2016, I’m not so sure the launch is gonna be much bigger than Season 2.

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So you think that MS/IG delayed Kim Wu’s Bio and Hero Art because of all the talk about her face?
Then MS/IG are fixing her face now and that is why they are taking so long to show more info about her? :open_mouth:

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I am afraid you might be right. Stranger things have happened, but I guessed four characters at launch in the contest thread. Frankly, that’s a “wish.” I’m not expecting more than 3, and it wouldn’t surprise me if characters didn’t release at the pace of one per month. They have been quite clear that the pace for S2 was very hard on the dev team and certainly contributed to some of the issues with bugs and unintended character traits that were addressed through patches.

People should expect that we won’t get a S3 story mode until the season is essentially finished - that has been the pattern with the first two seasons. And they should expect that new game modes won’t all drop at launch. I think there is a very real danger that people are building up expectations beyond reason. Now, it’s possible I will be pleasantly surprised, but I just don’t know when and how they would have done all of these things in the time they have had. Especially with the added burden of the PC port - which we have heard literally nothing substantial about since the initial announcement. All we know is it launches with season 2. Beta test? nope. Minimum system requirements? who knows. Recommended system requirements? Beats me.

Don’t get me wrong. I am totally on the hype train for S3, and I am going to buy it, play it and enjoy it almost no matter what. But, realistically, there are some signs here that we aren’t going to get something that meets everyone’s lofty expectations.