So, whats up with all this Shago hate?

Playing lame with Shago regularly is not beneath arguably the best KI player in the world, Rico Suave. It can’t be helped – it’s just the way the character is designed.


Bluh, they give Shago his own moveset with basically all the dirt that boss Shago had, and people are still complaining? You can’t friggen win.

It shouldn’t come as a shock to see me disagreeing with you yet again, but Rico Suave’s Shago wasn’t lame.

I had a Jago earlier today chucking fireballs to me.
I just flopped my Riptor down to take a nap and let them sail over my head until he got fed up and walks into tail flip range.

No, the two are not ‘basically’ the same. Boss Shago was essentially Jago and, as such, couldn’t zone a turtle with shadow meter if his life depended on it, whereas Shago could give even spammy characters like Maya and Kan-Ra a run for their money with his quick and versatile fireballs and teleportation. He has one of the best zoning and runaway games in KI, and players like Rico abuse that strength to their advantage as they should.

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The fact that he’s wasting everyone’s time is lame. Plus, he must have been a terrible Shago if he couldn’t take advantage of Shago’s superb cross- and mix-ups.

This one was just a regular Jago, but yeah. It’s always a little disappointing to see Shago players waste his insane mobility.

Example of a good Shago match: I had a Shago mirror and we kept playing rock paper scissors with our slides and divekicks and uppercuts. Things got so nutty that no one got a full combo for like half the match and we just poked and slid and dived etc.
Good Shagos never stop moving. Keep surging, keep mixing up, doing crazy stuff.

If their Shago/Jago can be beat with “enter predator stance and wait” then it’s not going to get them far anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

The hyperactive child every parent prays for…

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I knew there was a reason I connected with Shadow Jago so well.

I hate shago because he can punish ANYTHING with annihilation.

The freeze frames of instinct activation mean that if you press almost ANYTHING he can punish you.

He can trip guard with it, throw punish with it, command normal punish.
Basically, if he has instinct, the only way you can avoid an instinct cancel into annihilation, is to make sure you never: throw, press a button in the air, use a special move, use a command move, or get hit.

You either play so scared that he gets to run over you, or make 1 wrong move and get 50% life taken.

The worst part is that it takes no skill. You dont have to “set up” for it. Its guaranteed in almost every fight ive ever seen. it can punish a freaking JAB if you instinct cancel it right.

Its like aganos’ punch, but it does 50%

It SHOULD be fixed to have the same startup as Demonic Despair, instead of the game-freezing animation it has now. Im pretty sure the freeze animation is there so that the opponent can react to the move, BUT YOU CANT DO ANYTHING IF YOURE IN RECOVERY!

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Eh…it punishes a lot less than you might think actually. He can’t do it until he exits blockstun, so unless you’ve done something pretty unsafe, you’re generally more than free to jump out of it. It’s definitely a very good move to punish with, but is also really resource intensive and one dimensional, and to be honest it does a lot less damage than what Shago can output if he decides to use the instinct for tether juggle shenanigans. General rules of thumb:

Don’t throw.
Don’t do anything more negative than three or so frames on block.
Don’t whiff low to the ground air normals (but feel free to toss them out early in the jump to bait the annihilation).
Bonus: you play Omen, who gets to cancel out of almost anything into shadow form. You probably shouldn’t be getting hit with Annihilation ever. Try to bait it out with unsafe nonsense into shadow form.
Bonus Bonus: sometimes I’ll intentionally play fast and loose with Shago once he has full instinct . If I’ve only got 15% health, I’m more than happy to go for a yolo mixup that just begs him to punish with Annihilation. Let him waste the meter if you’re sufficiently low on life - to a certain extent Shago players expect you to respect the Annihilation option, so it often works in your favor to simply not respect it at all. If you land the mixup they get combo’d, and if they block it they blow their entire instinct bar on overkilling your 10-15% first health bar.

I’ll just leave my buddy @Marbledecker’s video here…


Can’t stand Shago with his YOLO divekicks. You’ve gotta guess which direction to block them because he always starts beyond DP range.

Yea, a lot of his moves are ambiguous.

Speak for yourself - 1 of these so-called “lamers” annoyed me to death, yesterday during my 1st match of the day. And I was defensive and picking my openings too! Even though many were successful, many were not, as Shago’s fireball speed, ability to shoot more than 1 with surge, shoot them from the air, have more than 1 on the screen at a time, shadow them, and to change their spacing was a complete nightmare and made the whole fight boring and absolute rubbish. It may be a legit tactic, but it’s 1 of the worst to participate in, on any side of the match (as the attacker, defender, OR viewer). In other words, it’s not cheating, but it’s cheap as all get out.


#F*** Shagos Jumping HP
and EVERYTHING about it.


No one likes to lose.

That’s it. That’s the only reason Shadow Jago gets grief right now. I’m going to come across as a ■■■■ here, so forgive me. I get as annoyed as anyone when people beat me. But the fact of the matter is, the game has rules and you can’t possibly break them. So, if the other guy beats you he deserves to win. All these comments about how and whether it takes skill to win are just salty and irrelevant. If you want credit for skillfully losing, then play with friends in your living room. It’s like Indiana Jones shooting the swordsman. I’m sure that guy was a ■■■■■■■ hero who spent decades perfecting his craft. But he lost and now he’s dead.

I got so much salt in S1 playing as Glacius from people who just didn’t know what to do. “Jump back Jago” players trying to beat Glacius from afar and then complaining that he was a cheap character and I was lame. “That’s lame! I could beat you if I wanted but it’s just so boring. I can’t believe that ■■■■ is unblockable!” Blah blah blah. Suck it up guys.

I hate playing Sadira. She’s always in the air and it aggravates me that she’s so far outside of the combo game. Is she lame? Should they turn her into a character that stands on the ground? No. Shago is a wild character. But he does very little damage relative to most of the cast. Annihilation is there to force you to play more cautiously whole Shago goes wild. This is a game with wild characters who have unique and powerful tools. They have armor and half screen command grabs and teleports and all kinds of crazy ■■■■. Shago is not a character that breaks the game just because people still don’t know how to avoid a fireball.


Y’know we kinda made this happen. We funded it. We have no one else to blame


Lies, if I had Jago instinct double fireballs all the time I’d probably mostly spam them, and most characters would tend to drown.

Shago’s teleport dash is also a burden: there’s nearly no invincibility on the backdash, and he doesn’t have “regular” dashes, which makes positioning awkward.

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I just realized Glacius shatter is unblockable! For a friggin year I been trying to block it and of course…I lost…badly…I never understood why I always got caught in the shatter…well 2 weeks ago I used Glacius and read the notes in the command list and …uh…unblockable… I felt so stupid LOL

Its just like the guy that messaged me the other day that KI was dumb and Omen is cheap and they are stupid for putting in a a character with a move so cheap as demonic despair…tools man…tools…use em…be prepared fro them best you can.

YOU CANT WIN EVERY MATCH… there will always be someone better than you or a tool set your not prepared for. No one is undefeated.

Lol people will always find a way to be salty. About an hour ago I beat some guy twice as shago and he was sabrewulf, he quits and calls me cheap for “spamming” when all I did the whole match was grabs, grounded normals and regular heavy dive kicks. He was mad because he couldn’t block and punish so that gave me a good laugh.