So, whats up with all this Shago hate?

I’m new to the forums. I’m learning Shago. I’m ok with him, but not amazing. But I see specific things that can easily be fixed, not with a patch, but with how you fight against Shago. His annihilation move in instinct, isn’t as OP as everybody says… Jump over it, or simply, hit him with a finger, and he gets hit out of it. Atleast that’s my experience every time I use it and end up getting hit out of it. As for fighting him with bad match ups, such as a Glacius player; you think I’m just going to put pressure on you, when you have the advantage? Or will I zone (NOT SPAM), just as you can? Shago is a both, zoning character (fast Shendokukens), as well as pressure character. You guys complaining about how he’s played, made, or anything, is very disappointing. I mean come on. Complaining about it wont make you better, just honestly means you can’t counter it. Don’t be mad at how he’s played. If anything, right now, Kan-Ra is the worst character, but its just how he’s played. Every character has a counter…learn it. Think about the match ups, and how it’ll effect how a Shago player plays. I understand not everyone is against Shago either, and even some Shago players. But this is just my opinion of everything I’ve read on EVERYTHING I’ve read about Shago in this forum.


I agree…its like Thunder players that get mad if you zone and lead him on a a chase. Why would I want to go toe to toe with Thunder when he has the advantage? He can use his tools and its ok but I cant use my tools without being called cheap or spamming. (I main Omen but also use Shago)

Same with Glacius… he can use UNBLOCKABLE ground shatters from full screen and AD into them along with half screen air normal’s…but Shago cant throw a fireball without being called cheap.

Every character has tools…use them to your advantage…period.

I hit a guy online with Demonic Despair the other night and I got a nasty message about how it was cheap and KI is dumb for allowing Omen to have such a cheap move lol…I told him its just one of his tools man, no different than the arsenal his Fulgore was packing…use them!


Haha Demonic Despair is an awesome move, imo. I don’t play as Omen, but it is a very unique move


The only things that I really couldn’t stand about Shago are actually getting patched, so he’s fine as is.
In truth, it isn’t Shago that makes a lot of people angry, but how some people use him. Nobody likes to play against a person who gets a smidgen of life lead and then runs the rest of the match. I see a LOT of noob Shago mains using this strat to get wins and it is annoying.

Nobody likes to play against a smack and run player. Most players will get frustrated and either end up eventually getting killed or getting a time out. When you add the fact that a lot of the spam and runs also have horrible laggy matches, it just puts a bad taste in your mouth.

Honestly, I just avoid all the fire ball spams, and let them come at me. Wanna toss fireballs at me… I can play this game all day. The little ding it does to my health, won’t compare to the massive hurt I’m about to give.

Shago has incredibly tricky rush down tactics and amazing damage (when used right). He has the same annoying potential as Sadira and can do just as pretty combos. It’s epic when you are facing an actual GOOD Shago main, rather than a tool for a tool.


Hit a guy with demonic despair? And he got mad at you? He should be mad at himself for standing there and letting you hit him. My goodness, I could go to the restroom, go out to eat, see a movie, and come back home before that move activates. :stuck_out_tongue: Lets face it… you were playing a guy with the reaction skills of a sloth… :stuck_out_tongue:


I like Shago even though I don’t play him. I think the hate goes for every character or at least that’s what I’ve noticed over the years with KI. Seems like each new year or season there’s a character that needs to be “nerfed” I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many “nerf X” character posts on other gaming forums, youtube, or streams. There’s some characters I don’t care much for in the game but I would never suggest nerfing as annoying as a move or how a character plays that’s just what makes the character.

I’ve been hit by Demonic Despair quite a few times and when I lose I just think “man I can’t believe I got hit by that lol.” Also been hit by Shago’s annihilation moves as well.

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Uhh…lets not down play me as if Im some chum bucket…when I have you in a block string and go from flurry swipes canceled into DD… you aren’t getting out of it.

The point FallofSeraphs76 was not to down play you nor your skills, but general lack of skills from the other opponent who allowed you to put them there. If a fighter is allowing themselves to get caught in block strings then they are the ones making the mistakes. Not you.

I have only been hit by Demonic Despair once. Generally speaking as a Sadira main, it is rare that I’m on the ground long enough for it to be used.

I’ve dabbled with Omen and I’ve Demonic Despaired people a few times hear and there, but honestly, I think Omen has much better uses for meter than that risky move. I feel the same way about Shago’s Annihilation. I never use it. I much rather use my Instinct for something different.

I think someone tried this on me twice recently…using Shago, it was true that I couldn’t jump or teleport out, but down+lk was enough to stop it. Its not about the skill of the player, but the time it takes to perceive the attack, pick a counter, and react quickly enough to stop it from happening.

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Oh yeah, I agree that the Annihilation is just a big waste. I’ve been trying more and more lately to actually utilize the dark tether. Its really good. I fought a mtach against a Glacius player recent, we were both at the end our health bars with half a shadow meter each. Because he was tethered I was able to get a shadow fireball to kill him. It was awesome.

*shrug * Getting tagged by a DD doesn’t mean you’re a bad or unresponsive player - just means you had a lapse and got caught. I’ve gotten hit by jab block string->DD a few times, and all it means is that I wasn’t watching Omen’s meter and got caught unawares.

And people hate on Shago because one of his adopted playstyles (hardcore, dedicated runaway) is just tedious and annoying to fight against. It’s not particularly difficult to beat if you’re decent, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fun fight. Walk forward, low profile fireballs, walk forward, low profile fireballs, walk forward, punish unsafe Shago attempt to leave corner, walk back and low profile fireballs, punish unsafe Shago attempt to regain life lead isn’t exactly a lot of fun.

He doesn’t need a nerf, but there’s only so much forbearance to be had when every other Shago you meet (and there are a lot of them) decides his path to victory is to jump away and throw fireballs until you get frustrated and make a mistake in the chase. I haven’t lost to a runaway Shago in a long time, but the fight’s just plain annoying if they’re really dedicated to running away. It’s just not fun to fight against.

I don’t personally come to the board to complain about the fight or Shago (whose overall design I like), but I can understand why people complain. It’s not fun to chase someone who can teleport DP out of the corner when you finally do catch him, and his tools allow for a really degenerate playstyle against new or unskilled players.


I feel like most of the time, character nerf threads come not from “There’s no way to beat this” and more from “I don’t know how to deal with this.”


I agree with the meter being spent on better moments. I can hit anyone with DD if I want to…doesn’t really matter who it is. If you aren’t expecting it…then I can hit you with it. It may only work once, against that player, but like @STORM179 said…if you arent expecting it, you will get hit and it doesnt mean your a bad player nor does it mean the Omen player is either… its a tool and its just a viable as any of Sadiras web shenanigans, ect…

I rarely use it… I like to go with 3 shadow linkers off a corner throw combo for 60-71% damage.

I think he is a cool character and I kind of want to learn him one day. His ultimate isn’t much of a problem, as you said we can just jump over it. If there is anything that annoys me it is his slide kick, I just can’t react to it for some reason, I have to sit there and just kind of guess when its coming or I get hit by it every time. That’s not too say its op/cheap/needs a nerf or anything, it just gives me trouble personally (which is one me, nobody else lol)

He can be mad irritating to fight , but I don’t think he is broken/op or anything.

I actually play Shadow Jago, more like Jago than anything. He has most of the same manuals and buttons, which help his game. Most people see me play Shago online, and they are like “Oh God, here comes the spamming.” But when I start normally walking towards them, and tag them out of a move with Far Standing Med. Kick into combos, they can’t believe what they just saw. It seems like everybody that encounters Shago is AMAZED by people that don’t spam and Slide all over the place. Lol

That won’t last too long. I hope. I’m mean I know how to fight him with spinal so its good (until s3)


The reason I dont like to play versus Shago (besides his fast sliding, which I always respond to too slow) is that there are just so many of them. I see them online all the time, and almost all the challenges my Shadow Aganos gets are Shago’s…too me it just kinda got boring fighting him.

Might just be a me thing though, havent been able to choose a main yet, because I like playing so many different characters (badly :stuck_out_tongue:), I like that diversity in ppl I fight aswell

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Shago is a lot like Kan-Ra in that regard. When IG revealed that his fireballs would be twice as fast as Jago’s and that he could shoot more than one at a time out of instinct, I instantly knew people would play him lame.

Fighting a character that can easily fill the screen with junk is never fun, and unfortunately, Season 2 has one too many of such characters (Maya, Kan-Ra, Aria, and Omen in the right hands). Let’s hope that isn’t the case with Season 3.

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Hahahah then you have never been on the World of Warcraft forums. That’s Topic upon Topic of who is OP and needs all the nerfs ever.

Lame players will always find a way to use a projectile character. They’ll even win a few matches, but at the end of the day, they have poor footsies and tend to lose big time if their lame tactics don’t work. Just today, I was testing my Elite controller and fought a Shago. He was trying to lame me to death. When I kept dodging all of his fire balls and kept my cool, he couldn’t take it. At one point he just stopped. I quickly ran over to him and pummelled the life out of him. He then tried to change tactics, but it was too late. He had NO idea as to how to fight Sadira and just couldn’t cope with it.

The best tactic to lamers is to be patient and let them hang themselves.

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