So what do yall think about KI Sequel or Season 4 on Project Scorpio?

Yeeeeaaah no. I for one say no. Either make a giant content filled Season 4 or give us some updates.

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KI came out nearly 3 years ago. It’s time for a sequel.

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110% would want the future of KI to continue on Scorpio as a sequel.

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Cinematic Story

All scorpio games are just xbox 1 games. Ms said that scorpio will be a xbox 1 and thats it.

KI still feels like a new game to me everytime a new season drops. I’m in the camp that wants another season. The game looks good as is & maybe by season 5 they could update the game to make use of Scorpio’s increased power.

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At least one more season, maybe two. Let devs figure out how to harness Scorpio’s power and then get IG to build a proper sequel from the ground up.


Actually, it will allow for 4k, even though “Phil Spencer: Microsoft Won’t Force Developers to Push 4K on Xbox Scorpio” but it wouldn’t hurt for a sequel.

I am in the same boat with you… Each season feels like a new game.
Some people may not like it but I for one find it refreshing.

the only thing id like to see out of season 4 is characters that arent overly flashy and have moves that make it hard to see whats going on

Im looking at you eyedol and RAAM’s instinct.

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