So let me get this straight, we can preorder friday?

But you still refuse to tell us the price? What is up with this? If we can preorder friday, I would like to know how much it is. I can’t understand why the secrecy?

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Well, you’ll know on Friday when you can pre-order though.

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Why the secrecy though? Why not tell us now, so people know how much money they need to add to their accounts?


Good question. Maybe to create suspense. Is it working?


I know what you mean, but is it that big of a deal?

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Because it sounds better to say “Season 3 will be $xx.xx, pre-order now!!” Than to say “Pre-order now!! (we told you the price a few days ago…)”


The only thing I am happy about is come friday, I don’t have to deal with anymore of this withholding information. Its dumb that they wait this long to tell us the price.

Wait we can preorder friday?


Yes, but for some dumb reason they are still being hush hush about the price. If they try to charge 40 for ultra, it will be the first time I don’t get ultra.

I am hoping for $30. Also where did they say we can preorder?

It was announced during the stream.

What he said.

There is still a lot we don’t know. We should start a count down 'til launch and highlight each day the stupid things we don’t know yet.

I hope at least that on Friday we know what we are preordering.

Yeah, true.

Hopefully its like season 2, where people got TJ early.

and hopefully there is a discount for preordering just like season 2 as well.

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I doubt it. The reason we didn’t get a 2nd character beta is the reason we won’t get an early character release. The mechanics tied to those characters are tied to the systems changes that are only able to be downloaded starting on the 29th.


hoepefully at least there is a discount for preorder or owning season 1 and 2

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We already had Rash early as part of that beta, I’m sure they could give him back to us for preordering without breaking the game. You never know, it might be unlikely but it could happen. For all we know we could get a pre-launch update on Friday to prep for the release, adding a lot of functionality early. Might make sense why they’ve been so tight-lipped about everything until then.