So let me get this straight, we can preorder friday?

I understand that you’re skeptical about what I said. This is my understanding from what was said during yesterday’s stream.

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I hope the launch trailer will be before Friday.

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is Friday confirmed for preorders @rukizzel???

the most logical conclusion would be there are still last minute decisions being made. Due to the SFV model maybe MS is still deciding what to do and its possible a last moment change can be made.


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Well as long as they aren’t stupid enough to try and charge 40 bucks for season 3 ultra, I doubt the backlash will be there. If they somehow try to justify paying the same for less, then they might get some backlash

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Better get your wallets out everyone. No Paycheck will be spared once Friday comes.

I hope we get a bonus of some kind.

To be clear - you can preorder the ULTRA edition of season 3 on Friday. That’s it. And there are going to be other editions.

Source: They specifically made that clarification at the end of yesterday’s stream.

Is there gonna be something higher then ultra, whats up with the secrets. Jesus

I’m pretty sure they’re just referring to Combo breaker and Complete editions. No secrets, people are just looking into their wording too much again.

Well maybe if they would just tell us how much combo and ultra were going to cost instead of keeping it a secret, people wouldn’t have to look into anything.


My guess is it’s gonna be the same price as before. BUT You never know right?

I’m gonna preorder the S*** out of this.


If its 40 dollars, there isn’t a chance I preorder, it has less content.

@rukizzel if i already own S1 and S2 (both ultra) will be there something for me bigger (content wise) than ultra edition S3 or can I preorder with nothing to worry? Thank you

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Oh yeah! Are they going to do anything like the S1 “Special” Emblems for S2 people?

I don’t follow that logic, It is starting with more content then season 2’s launch.

But you could always get the combo breaker edition right? If you want to save more…

My logic is it has less stages, no classic game. = Less content total

… I don’t get that at all. Why are peeps so clingy to stages now?

I mean not to judge or anything, or to go off topic.

Stages is content, but thats not my big concern. Season 3 ultra has no classic game to bundle, which is why it should cost less.