So lag cheaters are a thing on this game, huh?

Exactly what I experienced and still won. Both are slowed they just let the lag go once they attempt to punish you can see their character is delayed too at points. One isnt frozen and the other at full speed.

P.S. I will post a video later of the most hype victory over a lag switcher by Gootecks in SF4 during an episode of excellent adventures it is the greatest of videos everyone should get a laugh from.

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That’s on his screen not the lag switchers. lol What do you not understand about that? The first video of BO2 was the replay match view. You can watch from anyone’s view in that replay mode.

Could use without the condescending tone. It doesn’t matter what is on the other screen because the one who was the victim of the lag could still react plenty to what was happen although not in the smartest of ways when going up against lag.

I understand you want it to seem as if it is unwinnable for others because of your losses but that is not true and doesn’t mean that no one else has done it and just suffers from “normal lag”.

Lol I am done though idrc though since this isn’t a productive discussion left my $.02 and I am out of change so peace out.

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No they couldn’t respond, thus them hitting the same buttons over and over. The lag switchers took mercy on them and used their lag switching sparingly. If they leave it on you can’t touch the at all unless they’re stupid. So again, no you’ve never beaten a lag switcher and you never will, kid. Get over it.

When you go to friends on top there where it says friend you can change to favorites or last players and it will show you all the people you played with. Blocking people doesn’t work anymore because some players abused it by blocking everyone that could beat them and get to top 32 by only playing against weaker players.

Lag Switchers aren’t really limited to any given game. People will try to cheat to win in any online game, especially one that’s getting such a boom in popularity as KI.

Report People for lag is one of the dumbest move I ever read.


But that doesn’t prevent you from matching up with them in ranked and exhibitions anymore.

Avoiding the silly and pointless debate about whether it’s possible to beat a lag switcher…

Of course, these things do really happen and it sucks. Not sure what kind of sad person cheats just so they can have their (fake) name up in the (obscure) lights of the KI leaderboard. But it is worth noting that lag happens, and you notice it most when you are losing. So often normal latency issues will seem like a lag switcher if you don’t pay attention. For example, rollback keeps things smooth in neutral and it’s only when you hit buttons and have to start making decisions that you will start seeing lag.

Also, I had an experience on my PC a few nights ago where I ran into three laggy players in a row. I eventually had to assume it was me (with some automatic BS running in the background of my PC maybe?), so I shut down and rebooted my PC and no more problems.

Life in the Internet involves latency. Everyone is always convinced that the other guy is cheating, the other guy is lagging etc. it doesn’t actually matter that you pay for a 100mbs download - sometimes there is network traffic between you and the other guy. Yeah it sucks but that’s life.

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Ah! Magic Lag! Gotta love it. You can almost always tell if it is an actual lag switcher vs just lag because the match ALWAYS lags in their favor. If it’s laggy from the get go, it’s “usually” not going to be a switcher.

In terms of beating a lag switcher… You actually can… IF they allow it. A really good lag switcher will throw matches to not make them look guilty. That is why I look at trends when fighting them over all.

This is what you should be doing though. If you encounter a person that is allegedly lag switching, record the fight and send it to one of the developers, like Tempus Choati. Explain why you believe this, such as saying the match always lags out if you are about to win…

This is honestly the best way to stop lag switching.

ya, I was gonna tell them about that. I’ve only previously blocked people with bad connections and my block list is what I consider pretty small.

It’s better to regulate these things ourselves that to have IG regulate it for us. It takes forever to ban people and now IG essentially makes us play with cheaters and 3mbs players from some 3rd world country.

It really ruins the online experience for myself. I really doubt IG has the resources to deal with these cheaters and in turn pass the buck onto its dedicated fan base

From Brazil with a not reliable connection, I lag spike, much randomly, hope no one are reporting me because of lag.

see that’s kind of a problem too. say i blacklist your gamertag or everyone sees a poor connection, they block you as well. eventually you aren’t gonna find fast matches. it might take a while but it will get to that point eventually.

is it right to block you because our matches are laggy? I think that should be my choice to make and not have some DEV tell me otherwise

Ask yourself if the lag problem is not to be attributed to the non localization of the opponent research. (sorry for my English)
Foreign peoples are not responsible for this point and blacklist them is an agressive way to resolve it. As well as report them is pure stupidity.

I disagree. While I don’t condone doing it often, if you really truly believe that your opponent is lag-switching, there’s no harm in reporting someone. If they’re guilty, they get permabanned. If they’re innocent, then nothing happens. It’s a win-win for everyone. :wink:

They are so desperate to win something that atm they cant because of thechnical issues they inmediately drop the “hacker card”. This isnt counter strike

Lmao you create a topic to cry because you lost a couple of games because of lag and you call other kids… you get over it

We can have a discussion about lag/latency and those who cause it intentionally without devolving into personal arguments in a public thread.

Damn! that was some BS! lol