So lag cheaters are a thing on this game, huh?

God I hate cheaters. Beating the mess out of someone finally then he lag switches, can’t do jack with all that lag, end up losing of course. smh So tired of these garbage people ruining online games.

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Sigh, 3 cheaters in a row, I’m done for the night.

I don’t know if the dude I played was a cheater, but he was lagging so hard it was really hard to do something. I played 4 tomes with that dude and it was awful…

What should we do when a dude is doing that?

I don’t think there’s anything you can do. Does this game have a block last player feature? That would help a lot.

Well I’m playing on the PC, so I reported the dude on the xbox application for windows 10.

It just ruins the experience for innocent players

I think you can type their gamertag in and block them with the xbox app. I can rarely remember someone’s gamertag though. lol

Yes, I’m sure my connection doesn’t suck. You can’t buy anything better than what I have unless you buy a business package for servers or something.

Two of them were the same person technically. So, 2 in a row. lol As soon as I made this topic, I went back to playing, boom got matched with the same cheater. The same thing happened, I pounded him, then unbelievable lag, I can’t do anything, I lose.

I had one match where I was starting to win, and as soon as that happened any time I attacked it lagged out, bang on time, resulting in a counter breaker, but when they attacked perfectly fine, I wish there was something other than mid match pausing if the lag continues like match ties if the lag time adds up to too much becauss I’m pretty sick of it now, funny how the insane lag coincides with the pc version release where as on xbox it might have been the odd stutter here and there which was fine becuse it wasn’t when they had an advantage

how they do the lag ?

Funnily enough out of the 100s of fights I had since S3 dropped I’ve only experienced this like maybe 3 or 4 times and I won every single one of them so I ain’t even mad because if I lose to someone who needs to lag switch to win I would be disappointed with myself.

I did message them with the “fix your internet ffs” right after though.

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Then you haven’t encountered a lag switcher, just regular lag.
That is lag switching, so no, you didn’t beat any lag switchers. You can’t do anything against a lag switcher. You’re essentially frozen on his screen while he’s in regular time. Some will try to hide it by turning the switch on and off, your inputs when they turn it on are sent late, they don’t register basically.

I refuse to believe that lag switching works the same in KI. I have not seen one video of anyone dying while frozen when the other guy can move. I have run into guys who lag switch when I am in a combo it immediately freezes and they either break or whatever and when they combo it is fine and happens only when I am in a combo which I either end it immediately or just tough it out. Lag happens all the time I can tell when someone does it on purpose.

By all means I could be wrong but until I see a video (feel free to post one) of someone being able to move and beat someone else while the other is lagged then I say the above video is not related to this as it is a whole different type of game.

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This actually happened to DSP in season 1. I remember posting the video some dude made on the old Double Helix forums. I think they addressed the issue by just disconnect whenever a desync happens. There was also a topic on here when someone did indeed use a lag switch and they were permabanned according to Adam and co.

So then it has been fixed and is not possible anymore. If it is I am sure most are permabanned by now.

That was replay view. You can’t see what the other player sees. lol To you it just looks like bad lag. Here are examples from SF.

from KI

etc… The game slows down your inputs don’t register when they should.

I could have lived without seeing that second video thumbnail.

lol, sorry, didn’t even notice that.