So just a suggestion regarding his explosion

Not sure if it’s a bug or not but it seems sometimes gargos just doesn’t want to explode. Between playing him myself and sets with Rico suave and other gargos players it happens fairly often and can really ■■■■■ Gargos in some mus given the nature of his instinct. Maybe it could be changed to simply pressing instinct again to explode? This could also avoid issues where a gargos player doesn’t want to explode such as going for a shadow portal punch to punish or a shadow throw for a big cash out. What do you think @TheKeits @developers

There are more threads about it. I started to notice it after Eyedol’s patch.

Basically sometimes he doesn’t explode. I don’t know how to reproduce it. It’s really annoying. I have lost tournaments fights because I got into instinct and couldn’t explode, eating sweeps during 15 seconds, with no possible escape.

Happened to me about an hr ago practicing

I don’t know what triggers it. Sometimes I can explode in my first instinct, but couldn’t during my second. Others, the opposite. It really drives me nuts. If it happens to me, I stop playing Gargos for that day, which is sad

thing is I’m not sure if it’s a bug or just an issue like raam had with his kryll shield before

I can’t see it as other thing than a bug if I’m trying to explode but the game doesn’t allow me.

In situations where I can actually explode, not mid throw and stuff like that.