So I was fighting Aria as Kim Wu and I tried to counter her range attack

Wenever I would see her use the range drone I would try to Firecracker(I believe that’s what the move was called) to counter the shots, but majority of the time the shots went through.

So instead I try using Shadow Firecracker and it ended up causing the game to crash(PC) when I saw a bunch of dragons shooting out of her as the drones attack connected to my Shadow Firecracker. Well at least that move countered the Aria’s range attack. At the expense of crashing the game.

First of all, this should be reported in the bug-reporting thread in the feedback and suggestions sub–forum where the devs expect to hear about this kind of thing.

That being said, I tested this myself in practice mode. Using various strengths of firecracker, they never deflected ARIA’s bass assist projectiles. Considering that those projectiles are supposed to be sound-waves (you can’t really deflect sound), that makes sense, IMO. However, when I did the shadow firecracker against the same attack, I still took the hit from the projectle, but also deflected it; 3 dragons appeared. The crash, however did not. So, I tried it about 2 more times. Within I’d say about 30 seconds or so, the game finally did crash, and did so with a very loud and annoying buzzing noise. I only tested this once, but it should be enough to confirm your own tests.

Furthermore, it’s probably worth noting that this is not just a bug on PC, as I’m on the Xbox One. Please copy and paste this post, as a quote, along with yours, in the bug reporting thread in the feedback and suggestions sub-forum.

Ah okay. Although there were a few times I did deflect like one shot of her sound wave with Firecracker but I still got hit by the rest of the beams while she took one hit from a dragon.

Okay, so that proves you can parry it with firecracker, but since the move hits 3x, you’re only parrying 1 and still getting hit by 2.

It’s a multi hitting projectile. So I would imagine other projectiles share the same function.

I gotta check this out!!!