So, I think Capcom's at it again

Last time I wrote about it people bashed me hard, but this is looking like a pattern to me.

I’m willing to bet that Alex will drop on march 29th at the same time as S3. I know everybody thinks Capcom doensn’t look at KI like a proper competitor, still there are a bunch of notable SF players that want to give KI a try when it drops on PC and they will damn sure not try it on tuesday if Alex comes out.

Sure enough Alex won’t kill S3 day one hyper for any of us here, still it could have an impact on newcomers imho.

If Alex really does come out on tuesday I see Capcom doing this sneaky sync for every other character release.
They stole KI’s content release model (which I’m wierdly proud of), and now it looks like they are using it against KI hype.
What do you guys think about it?

Just to be clear, I’m not hating on anything, I love SF5, Laura Super Silver here:P, I just want KI to get more attention from other FGC communities and I get stupidly mad at anything that could get in the way:)

UPDATE: Mistery solved… they will release the update on the 28th and Alex on the 30th… average release date > 29th ROFL this is a lame cover up hahaha

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I am 100% sure that this will happen.

I’m also 40% sure that Capcom will run into network problems on that day as well.



You are probably right though.


well we all know that when it comes to network play, KI is the undisputed champ


I think you can expect Capcom to be releasing character content close to KI’s release schedule pretty often this year. They’re both trying seasonal models and they’re both targeting similar schedules.

All KI can do is control whether it’s a good game. If it’s good, it’ll retain more people month to month, and that’s all it has to worry about.


SFV doesn’t exactly have a lot of goodwill behind it at the moment. It’s gained a stigma due to all the problems. But really these two games aren’t on the same platforms… so don’t really see why there isn’t room for both.

Both are on PC… there’s a pool of players they will share.

Sure, all IG/MS have to do is make a great game, I agree. I just find odd that Capcom feels the need to overlap release dates with KI. Having the exact same project gantt can’t be just a coincidenceXD

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It might be a burn, but I honestly don’t want any game to have to be bad or have crippling flaws.

I would like SFV if 1/3 of the matches I get weren’t jittering messes.

I would play Xrd more if I could get over the steep learning curve.

I might play MKX now that the netcode is fixed.

I want to play as many fighting games as i can, but It just happens that KI is the perfect fighting game for me.


I solved the issue with SF5 by going 5 only. But I get where you come from.

I got Xrd on pc, netcod is terrible and I find very few matches.

KI is not perfect, but does something better than any other fighting game. It strikes the perfect ballance between Learning curve, competitive play, content variety and Amazing netplay.

I honestly think KI could be almost perfect if it had a real AAA budget to improve its overall presentation consistency. I would be the absolute best FG on the market.

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I actually think this is more something Sony has been pushing. Sony has been trying to take as many games from XB as possible and if not get as much exclusive content as possible while misleading people with commercials showing games that are multiplat as if they were PS exclusives.

We all know SFV was only possible with Sony’s funding, I am sure Sony has had and still has a huge input on the business model surrounding SFV. I would assume Sony would purposely push to take the spotlight out from under KI to shine it on SFV in this manner. Just look at how much publicity KI is getting with Arbiter alone and another one of Microsofts character for one of their exclusive franchise that may or may not already be in game. Not to mention KI airing during the Halo Championships which had a huge amount of viewers.

I think it is the most logical assumption to assume this is more Sony’s doing than Capcom’s.

Yeah, you are probably right. Capcom and MS have Always had a nice relationship (dead rising 3 exclusivity deal, SFV having the biggest community on xbox live). I remember that I was really upset for SF5 exclusivity just cuz many xbox live fgc members would go away for it.

I’m not surprised they are doing that. Granted I’m no concerned because I dun give two craps about Alex and SF still has alot of bugs and glitches they’ll end up dealing with.

Personally I’m hyped for KI this month on and that’s it. Capcom hasn’t really done anything to get my hyped for SF.

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If you find Alex more interesting than S3, I’m glad you are not around on the 29th.


Ofc as a said before, it will not be a factor for us die hard KI heads. I’m talking about potential KI players coming from SF

I think he’s more or less just voicing his concern. But I don’t think one character is gonna some how magically ruin it for a whole season3 cast on launch, including new games and new stages. Compared to what Capcom is doing: KI will have way more content on the 29th

even then what are gonna take what? a whole day? unless people are big fans of Alex most folks will probably play him for a bit than go back onto KI which if they are new to the series by now will have more content to play with.

I hope it’s gonna play out like this, there’s so much hype stuff in KI that it would be overwhelming for a player getting on it for the first time! I’m very happy to welcome every new player in the KI family!

I don’t know if Capcom would set out just to try to steal KI’s thunder just to be a-holes. They may, but seems almost too petty. But again… KI is a beloved game with few flaws and SF5 has been a disaster so far… so… you never know.


As do I :smiley:

at any rate we have no idea how this will play out, so in the meantime just enjoy the new blood.

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KI was in the same position as far as glitches and bugs go. Heck multiple characters has infinite ultras SE1 had a jail glitch that wouldn’t find matches for like a month. It was rough man. in fact almost every patch in SE2 broke a character on release. they fixed it quickly and moved on.

I mean ur correct, but only cause time is a factor and even tho I don’t own SFV. I’m sure it’ll get better.

lol. FYI. IGN voted Capcom the worst game development company ever. lol

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