So, how do you pronounce Mira?

would be so hilarious if that’s not her name

Too bad a dev already confirmed :wink:

Just say the word “Mirror” out loud and you are pretty close!


Hopefully ME-ra. MY-ra sounds like a homely girl!

It’s almost as if the name has multiple layers of meaning to it… :wink:


Oh, dem hints, y’all!

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Maybe she can create clones like a Mirror?

Ooooh, that would definitely be neat!

Like Morrigan’s Astral Vision maybe. That would be cool.

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Why do I hear Soul Fist ? (I know, Succubus aren’t Vampire)

^^ #HashtagNotaVampire


She seems to be of some form of Latin descent (Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French) so I’m assuming it’s pronounced how the latins pronounce I’s, as an E.

Also, the move she does in the teaser reminds me of Rose’s Soul Throw from Street Fighter. Except she bites the opponent instead of just hurling them to the ground. XD

I see what you did there… shhhhhhh

Okay Okay, but now the real question. Do you roll the R? Spanish being my first language I can’t help but roll the R.

If the game gets ported to Spanish speaking countries saying “Me Rah” exactly like that would be confusing.

She is Maya’s sister apparently so she is Portuguese like Maya. By the way, I’s are not pronounced as an E. (I am Latin).

That is not THE real question nor one anyone should be asking anyways. You roll the R’s depending on your personal accent or in what rural area of a given place you are from. Spanish is my first language as well and not all Spanish or Latin speaking people roll their R’s that is exclusive to certain sub-Spanish languages and regions.

Th only difference being Rose grabs in the air, while it seems like Mira grabs on the ground and lifts up into the air.

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Maya is not portuguese but brazilian.

This is true. I believe she was said to be Amazonian or something which is in South America. Saying she is Portuguese would be wrong since that is located on a whole other continent. Maybe there is a mix up from the Portuguese they speak in south America and the Portuguese spoken in Portugal which are different in certain aspects.