So, how do you pronounce Mira?

With the teaser out and the reveal of the Vampire character being female it’s pretty obvious she is Mira.

Regularly I believe most of you pronounce the name as “Me-Rah” but since she is the sister of Maya who are of Hispanic origin the name Mira is pronounced “My-Rah”. It’s a very popular Spanish name and I’ve known a couple of ladies with that name in southern California who pronounce their names as “My-Rah”.

So how do you guys pronounce it? This is like the Classic “My-Ah” and “May-Ah” debate.

Edit: Mira also works as it means “See” in Spanish. Would be an inside joke that Vampires have no reflections.

Edit:Well turns out people pronounce it a lot of different ways.

  • Option 1: Me-Rah

  • Option 2: My-Rah

  • Option 3: Myr-Ah

Edit: Research shows they can all be used for the word MyRah. Look at the “How Popular” section here

Final Edit: Confirmed Me-Rah.

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Like Maya but with an I instead of an A.

Mir ah I guess.

I think it’ll be “Me-rah” Despite being Maya’s sister she’s filling the vampire trope so the more european sounding pronunciation works better.

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Which was never really a debate to begin with. First, Maya is an actual name (my wife’s name to boot, although it’s spelled differently in my language), while “may-ah” isn’t. Secondly, the announcer say “my-ah”. Why would you ever think anythign else?

They are not of Hispanic origin. They are South American, possibly native. Completely different. That said, I still believe it’s “Me-rah”. Mostly because it’s an actual name that’s pronounced that way (see actress Mira Sorvino, among other people). :wink:

I guess you weren’t here for that debate. If you put on Maya’s classic outfit the announcer says “May-Ah” just because the debate was real and it’s a nod to the original games pronouncing it “May-Ah”.

I know. But they are also modern South American. They would obviously get new recruits and like most of central America, adopt modern names.

I stand corrected on the first point. Don’t have her retro, didn’t play the old KI games.

“Myr-ah” or something like that.

I guess this can also be a third option…

Kinda like how Queen Myrrah is pronounced… nudge

This exact same thread again…

Actually, no. My girlfriend of 7 years name is Maira, pronounced “My-Rah” in both English and all forms of languages of Spanish descent. Mira in Spanish or Portuguese would be pronounced “Me-Rah” as Mira is actually the word for “look” which is pronounced the same way, in English the best pronunciation would be “Mir-Ah”.

EDIT: Oops this was meant in reply to @CRIS178 but still relevant anyways.

lol Yeah I was reading what you said. I understand your point of view as I remember the other character from King of Fighters is called Mai Shiranui and it is indeed a My sound.

Edit: @GodtierMacho Nevermind the rabbit whole goes deeper. They all are “prominent varying forms” according to further research.

I have a cousin named Mira. It is pronounced “Me-rah.”

Also, Maya’s retro pronunciation was only added after half the community insisted that their mispronunciation be taken seriously.

Your link proved my point.

Mira /mi-ra/ as a girls’ name is pronounced MEER-ah.

MEER-ah and my example Mir-Ah are the same. This is evident by the old UFC champs name Frank MIR.

Mira is pronounced Mir-ah or Meer-ah both are the same.



I think your closing in on the final pronunciation but there is still two ways of saying that.

They pronounce it Meer-Ah. Is Spanish one would pronounce it Me-Rah as in “Look”.

Edit: Ah confirmed! Me-Rah.

Told ya :wink:

Just don’t expect any mira matches – she can’t see her reflection.


I saw the tease now first, so I suppose it’s ok to talk about Mira now?

I would pronounce it “Me-Rah”, as that is how we pronounce it in Denmark. Not sure how it would be pronounced in English.