So guys, tell me about how was Fulgore ultimate?

Well that’s what I’m going to call it for now. xD

I know that everyone has their own opinions and people tend to speak up more when they’re dissatisfied, but I also saw a ton of people saying that he had to get a mega hype beam. What do you think is missing from it?

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correct me if I’m wrong but at the very end when fulgore lands on its feet, is he standing on the opponents ashes?

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No he’s not standing on the opponents ashes.

They could of added like 4 combo’s at the beginning before using his heavy move to push him away and you know jump in the and do his HYPE BEAM. Sorry if I don’t get to anyone’s questions.

Or at least they could have shown the opponents ashes.

If you’re expecting any character to be dead after any ulitmates that are released, you’ll be disappointed, but I can understand wanting it, I suppose. As for a combo before hand, I’m not sure how that would enhance anything, as I don’t think it did much for Jago’s ultimate, but that’s just the way I see it. Maybe something where he’s charging it up? I dunno. Either way, I think what we got was pretty cool, so hopefully it’ll grow on ya. :slight_smile:

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wait a min. this is lucarios final smash from SSBB.


still a better ultimate than tj’s ( sorry ).

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