So guys, tell me about how was Fulgore ultimate?

About Fulgore ultimate it was awesome, but it was missing something but I don’t know what? :neutral_face:

Very cool and gnarly

Its better than anything we have so far, so I’m not going to complain.


Legend-wait for it-dary!

My bro @JEFFRON27 got hyped as heck when it showe dup. No way someone could’ve survived that.

I thought it was great. It turned from an F.U. beam to a F.M.L. beam.

Eh, I still thing Shago’s is the best and don’t quite grasp why everyone is so rabid for them.

Honestly, it looked like a pallet swap with Jago’s ultimate for me, cept with floating Fulgore firing a big beam instead of floating Jago firing a big fireball.

“am I playing marvel vs capcom or KI”

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It was my dream come true : 3

Can’t tell if the “ultimate” is a proton canon or unibeam ripoff from ironman dere. #supercombofinish

It was missing Fullgore staying on the ground, his Hype Beam turning light blue and white to highlight heat increase, it was missing the shockwave from the Fullgore Teaser, and it was missing the opponent being disintegrated inside the beam even if it’s just his silhouette.


Yo… if his Ultimate was just his Teaser reveal?

I’d love it to death!

I can say this: slow the video down you cna actually see Omen dinstigrate right before the white screen wipe.

Yep, you can see little flakes being sluffed off as the body is incinerated.

Not just that but notice how Omen’s siloutte slowly breaks apart piece by piece. Anyone who says he’s not being vaporized visually needs to look at the video again and slow it down to max speed.

Not to mention they go out of their way not to show the body afterwards, unlike Jago’s that’s reminding you that the body is intact. Perhaps the more evil characters are going to have more “deadly” looking ultimates?


So right now I just realized I spelled about wrong, I was hoping someone would told me about it so I could fix it.

That’s no devastation beam. That’s an Annihilation Cannon!


While it does make them look convincingly dead, it still has that sliver of “or is he?” to it. And I love that about these Ultimates. Honestly it makes it more convincing that they could get back up and go another round that way, unlike MK’s " Yup, he’s obviously dead. Internal organs are all laid out all over the floor.Well on to round 2." WTFery.


No it’s a DEATH beam! xD

This death beam? Lol

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