So does anyone remember this?

Ah, good ol’ Wikipedia edits. I was so lucky that I captured it during that time. And I quote @BHswordsman09 in the Season 2 forums, “This is some incest ■■■■ going on. I don’t even know what to say.”


The grammar on that part makes me cringe more.
I didn’t know about that though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yo I do remember this. It was so long ago too lol

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What exactly are you referring to, for those of us who can’t read the image? Interested to learn what you’re on about.

It’s a screenshot of a Wikipedia page for shadow Jago…
There’s a section called fate, where it’s saying that Jago is asking Orchid to marry him, that they get married and lives on super in love and married for eternity…

Not the exact words, but you get the point :slight_smile:

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Yeh… um… Not sure what to say about that considering Jago and Orchid as characters. :slight_smile:

Orchid likes weddings and getting married to Jago. What?

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This is the same person that edit KI Wiki saying that Gargos marry Orchid and Jago have to travel time to save her from Gargos? (Or something like that) :frowning:

Gargos marrying Orchid? What is next? Sabrewulf marrying Orchid?

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Yeah… Its a mess! :frowning:

I found the guy:
I made a mistake: Gargos and Orchid don’t marry each other, but instead, Jago and Orchid together go after Gargos, I think…

Its something about Gargos’s curse is broken and the two “lovely couple” have to go back in time to fix it, I think :open_mouth:

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Pppfffttt hheehh…HAHAHAHAHAHAH hahahahuuuuggghh, I can’t…I cannot xD

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why is rule 34 a thing? geez is there another rule for this?


Sadly yes, yes I do.

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I remembered it, and this is how I felt:


Edit: Thankfully, that mess got deleted before it got confusing

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Wow, so it happened in the wiki too huh?

And speaking of wiki though, I’m sure most people have seen that supposed extended backstory of Gargos (y’know, the one where he was originally human in the past and whatnot)…

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Yeah! I remember about that one! That story was saying that Gargos was a human that defeat powerful gods and was “cursed” with a demonic form, right?

I was even thinking that this story was oficial at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. It was there in the wiki for the longest time, and I thought it was official too, but it wasn’t.

So somebody just shared this on the KI Subreddit…yeah, got nothing to say about it. That “guy” just won’t stop doing it…


Lmaooooo so I assume this guy/girl knows they are brother and sister but keeps adding it to the wiki to troll people?

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