So apparently the update is going to be in the ballpark of 20gb

I installed ori and the blind forest DE which is about half the size of this in about an hour and a half, yet its been almost 5 hours for this. They should have released the update on monday.

It isn’t possible.

Well I am sure it could be, since MKX managed to do it just fine, but whatever. 21 gb is excessive as hell. Feel sorry for people with data caps.

Thanks ms & Ig

Your picture isn’t visible bro.

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Quit sticking up for crap like this you sheep!!! Don’t release something until it’s ready!!! When you’re excited for something and it doesn’t freaking work then yeah you say wtf? I have a pc and pre-ordered the damn game and I can’t play it without booting it first from an xbone? Trying to get pc players to join the community not just xbone players who already have the game that want to play it on their cpus as well. The game looks amazing iron galaxy here’s my money!! Let me play the damn thing already!!!

It works fine for me on my XB1, don’t know what your problem is.
And quit the insults it will get you banned:-)

My problem is that except for maybe Kim Wu and Jago, I can’t select any of the characters.

The problems all seem to be related to the PC version of the game much like GearsUE had problems on PC but ran smoothly on XB1.
Bring this game on PC seems to me like a big mistake by Microsoft as the insults from the PC community has already started,just look above^^^
And this game runs far better on XB1 and I’m guessing much easier for IG only having one closed platform to work on.

Thnx i fixed it:hamburger: