So apparently the update is going to be in the ballpark of 20gb

Which means alot of us won’t even be able to play it on the 29th. I wish they would have released the patch on the 28th and just not let us use the new characters until the 29th.

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sucks for some

Wait wait wait, whoa. The whole update is 20gb? Making the total storage for the game somewhere around 49gb? Holy

Fine by me.

Please tell me, Where did you get that info?!

No, it’ll be replacing a lot of data not adding to it.

So far they said it will be “sizable” nothing more nothing less . But i wish they would just tell us how big it will be. Have a pretty bad connection … and it already sucks that season 3 will release at 5 pm here… so i doubt i will play it the 29th …

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up!

Actually Rukari said exactly what is in the OP.

The update will be 20~GB

Ohh thanks for the info (rip me for real) ! Thought it hasn’t been confirmed yet ,must have missed it. Random but seeing your avatar make’s me sad that tusk didn’t get a blackswordsman set would have been amazing.

Rukari said it on twitter he was sorry but he forgot exactly how much gb it was but stated it was 20~gb

You have no idea how many times I asked for this and how much I was hoping he would.

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20 GB is not too bad though I won’t be able to play until. Wednesday.

F****** awesome… that should only take me 3-4 days to downlaod while also not using the internet for anything else… so sweet… f****** rad dawg.


Damn ok. I can live with that, I will just have to hold off playing until tomorrow probably…but what I am not sure about is this thing I have heard people say about uninstalling everything and reinstalling it. That would be…a massive inconvenience to say the least lol

That’s people trying to force the system in to delivering the update to them sooner. Less than 2 hours until it is a mandatory update so yeah.

So what do I have to do to avoid having to do that? If I just turn by XB1 on at 11 and let it start on it’s own ill be good? I think mine is set to auto download/update, will that mess me up? (Sorry for all the questions I am kind of new to the X1 lol)

The update will become mandatory at 8am PDT. Once it is mandatory when you launch KI and it recognizes you do not have the update it will force you to update.

You may be prompted to update if you launch beforehand, but there is no perfect time since it is rolling out server to server between now and 8.


Awesome, thank you!

I really don’t get the urgency of having it “right now” I have to give props to @rukizzel for handling this.