So apparently the update is going to be in the ballpark of 20gb


The black swordsman set will be available for purchase with KI Gold only kappa

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I would spend my 18k gold on that alone.

Hi @rukizzel, I’m not seeing the bonus retro colors that were supposed to come with the ultra edition. should I reinstall?

They aren’t available at launch.

Oh!!! Lol!

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Just keep uninstalling and reinstalling endlessly until you see those new colors! Eventually, you’ll see them :smiley:

LMAO this pretty much sums up most of the posters on this forum today…what’s the rush guys it will download when it’s finished why is it soooo important to be the first to play especially with the IG and MAX and others playing this the last few months so just wait and stop stamping your feet.

Combo breaker pack is currently downloading on my Xbox while I’m still at work,so when I get home later it should be ready…

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unfortunately I have to leave for a dental cleaning so I’ll be back after 4

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I started at 16:00 UK time and it’s almost finished.

You guys have to consider the write speed of the Xbox’s harddrive, y’know.

I’m downloading it since one hour and i’m only 10%. guess i’ll not be able to play beforce midnight.

Still, LEFT4DEAD 2 is available on backward compatibility, so i guess i know what to play during that wait :slight_smile:

5TB External Hardrive…

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21 gb. Largest KI update to date. I don’t mind it. It was to be expected.

Currently at 1%. ETA april sometime. Thankfully I have skyward sword & twilight princess to play meanwhile :slight_smile:

30 percent, started the download at 11:18, I refuse to believe the update HAD to be this big. It should have been released on monday. Hopefully not all these patches are THIS big, this was a huge issue with season 2.


Well now I can’t play or do anything on the internet until Thursday…

Yeah, I know what you mean, they should have done a preload on the patch, and I don’t want a single person telling me that isn’t possible, because MKX did it for every single one of the characters they added. They even did it for the XL update with the new netcode.

After playing S1 offline. I updated last night update was 27.5 GB. Took about 5-6 hours maybe. 21 GB is not that bad when you think about it and I have poor internet.