So about that change to shadow counters

I understand that some changes were made to help stick players with sc inputs. Is it possible for a way for this to possibly be turned off in a future update? I tried to pop instinct and even though it looked like it wasn’t in block stun(may have been rollback who knows I could make a video) I ended up getting a shadow counter and it cost me my 8 bit qualifier. I can see how this can help stick players but the option to turn it off for pad players would be a good idea as well. I’ve noticed this happening a few times where I try to instinct but end up getting a sc instead. Things like this can really make things take a wrong turn and the person was actually going for the right move. @TheKeits

Edit. Apparently this isn’t related to that change but may or may not be a bug.

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Shadow counter and instinct are on different buttons though, and the shortcut is on light kick so shouldn’t have interfered here.

Really? So this might’ve been a bug then. Because I’m checking my inputs in the replay and I pressed both heavies

Instinct = HP+HK
Shadow Counter = MP+MK

How on earth are you getting the latter instead of the former unless you’re pressing the wrong buttons (even with the new inputs, which is neither of those)?

Personally, I think your own fingers betray you.

You tell me. The fact that i wasn’t even in block stun makes this even weirder tbh

I’d make a video of that then for sure for the bug thread as that should definitely not do anything with shadow counters AFAIK.

Both my heavies are on the bumpers. So I couldn’t have gotten mp either way.

Default controls have HP on the RB and HK on the RT, with LB being LP+MP+HP and LT being LK+MK+HK. Maybe you forgot to change a part of your controls and are hitting the “default” LB or didn’t turn off the right stick and are bumping it?

Im never on default controls. I popped instinct just fine earlier in the match with my button combination that i always used. I checked all of what you said before I made the post. This sounds more like a bug tbh

I had honestly even forgot about the new inputs until a friend of mine mentioned it to me.

Making a vid now. I’ve watched this over multiple Times. It says both heavies on my input.

Are you making the clip with the inputs showing so that we can see what it is you’re pressing?


You can go into blockstun without ever blocking a move. It’s called proximity blocking

Well good to know.

Sometimes when I am trying to do a Medium strength breaker I get failed Shadow Counter :confused:

So here’s what happened. It looked like I stopped blocking but I end up with an sc. Even though I pressed heavies @GalacticGeek

Link didn’t work.

You were in blockstun, hit heavies and then hit light and medium twice for some reason which is the shadow counter input, since you were in blockstun it was the only acceptable input so that’s what the game did.

Hmm. Let me try again.