Sky stage in Gargos hero art

Ok we’ve all talked about this and have all noticed the platform he’s standing on looks undeniably like a sky stage of some sort. Another thing we’ve all talked about is the missing blank square under the random select in the stage select screen , that literally fits a stage perfectly. I’m really really starting to think that the Gargos Sky/space stage will go in that blank space to finish out the stage select screen.


If it is a new stage I have a feeling that it will come with Shadow Lords Mode. Maybe you can unlock it after beating shadow lords with every charecter.


I think gargos’s stage should be something like the one @Ravan86 recommended.

Hopefully, the more the merrier!



I didn’t even know there was a blank square, now the fact that you can’t move up and down on the random option makes sense… :smiley:

This is a lovely idea, but they were pretty clear about the fact that we would only see three stages this season…

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I’m willing to believe there will be a hidden unlockable stage for Gargos, despite what they’ve said about there only being three stages. I don’t now why but I just feel it could be possible.


Yeah I mean it could be a secret thing they just want to completely shock and surprise us with. Who knows though, could just be wishful thinking.

The Witch Kings Castle of Angmar? Minas Morgul!

That is a great idea, though I doubt it.

It would be neat for Gargos to have a stage which tells the story of the guy.

A boss stage would be welcome and rewarding for ppl who play shadow lords mode. I can dig it.

The spelled it out in that original thread in no uncertain terms. Three stages for season 3. If they honestly do wind up putting a sky stage, I’d love it, but man… How would we honestly be able to take anything they say at face value again?

Again, I’d be 100% in favor of this. Gargos getting his own stage, whether it’s a sky stage or a castle stage or whatever, would be awesome and I think it’d be the perfect reward for defeating boss Gargos in Shadowlords (by the sound of it).

But yeah, I just can’t force myself to believe they’d do this in season 3 after how clear they were before.