Skullgirls Discussion

SO Does anyone have the game? It’s really good!

I literaly just bought the game today… and already I can see it becoming in my top 7 favorite fighting games!

I know it came out in 2012 but it has a market strategy kinda like KI’s (although it may be out of patches and this thread would be totally pointless)

Anyway talk away people!

Who’s your favorite character?
What’s your favorite stage?
Soundtrack thoughts?
Do you like the Artstyle?
Favorite story mode plot?

Do enlighten me!

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I don’t actually own the game (even with the relatively low requirements I fear my PC wouldn’t be able to run it properly) but I love the character designs. Each one is so unique and full of personality. You don’t even have to play the game to get a sense of how the character acts. Watching a stream and even just checking out still images is enough to give you a taste of the cast. Reminds me of why I first picked up Killer Instinct, in a way. I want to grab it ASAP so I can watch those awesome characters come to life at my finger tips (would love if that final boss [Marie] had a playable version, though Valentine, Fila, Painwheel, and Beowulf all look fun)

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Addressing the questions:
Final Atrium
Also good

I really like Skullgirls. The animation is decidedly top-notch for a 2D Fighter, the characters are all very unique (aside from ■■■■■■ and fairly well-balanced, the netcode quality can be spoken of in the same breath as KI’s, and the story modes are pretty good. It’s like an improved MvC2.

The studio for Skullgirls is doing a crowdfunding campaign for an RPG soon and they say that’ll take about 2 years to make if/when it’s funded, so we might not see new Skullgirls DLC or Skullgirls 2 for quite some time.

There is in the PS4 version. However, you can only use her in the Challenge Mode and she’s not a full character by any means.

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I love Painwheel.


Ms. Fortune and Cerebella are my favorite. Love the artstyle and the “theme” of the game. That is, the music and announcer etc. Never really got really into getting good at the game, but it’s fun. Don’t really play much now though.

Sorry I’m not answering as much as I should… today was… terrible for me… but I’ll put that somwhere else…

ANYWAY I Love all the varied anwsers!

My main characters is Valentine & Cerebella
My favorite stage is Maplecrest
I really love sountrack and artstyle as well!

Haven’t tried story mode yet but I’ll get there when I get there!

I like that you can choose how many characters to bring, and have bonuses if you’re bringing only 1-2 characters. Most of the time I play three - Eliza, Cerebella, and Big Band. I haven’t really put a huge amount of time into the game, but I do enjoy it.

I’m considering picking up another copy on my Vita, but it depends on how much it costs and if all the characters are included.

Just picked this game up recently and I’m really enjoying it.

I have a lot of fun playing with Painwheel and Filia. I need to take some more of these characters for a spin. I like the look/play-style of Parasoul but she’s just not speaking to my heart yet.

The music is neat. Very unique for this gaming genre.

I like the character-specific training tutorials.

All in all it was money well spent :grin: I just wish it didn’t take a half-hour to find someone to play against online…

If you’re playing on Steam, feel free to add me, same username. Just let me know who you are when you send me the request. I don’t play often, but I can be persuaded to log into it from time.

Playing on XB360… which is likely the bulk of my issue finding matches… :sweat:

Wait…Skullgirls is on 360?
Does that mean it will be coming to the Xbone with the backwards compatibility patch?! :smiley:
I’d get it on the 360 or Steam, but my PC is less than trustworthy (so not sure if I can maintain 60) and my 360 is kinda dead.

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Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I hope so!! :smile:

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Me too! I have it on the ps4 but really dislike the controller I use…

I’m Gonna post some skullgirls videos sooner or later on my [Youtube channel][1]

So I’ll post them here too!

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Skullgirls is a pretty neat game. It’s got an interesting broadway charm to it that makes it stand out among the rest. I like that you can have a team of 3 against 1 guy, and that you have the option of choosing any assist you want. I know people to this day who play this game regularly and want to be good at a tournament level. I’m really bad though.

My favorite characters are Ms.Fortune because she reminded me of Makoto from Blazblue (who she now has a color of :blush:) and Beowulf because he’s really fun and has a Baz color. Doesn’t change the fact that I’m terrible at the game.

Nightmare Crest is pretty godlike. My favorite if I had to pick one.

The soundtrack is nice. It gets a little old after a while but it’s still a very good set of music.

I think the artstyle is fantastic! Everything is done to the tiniest detail and I can only give props to the guys who run that department.

My favorite story mode plot? I actually do like Beowulf’s story quite a bit.


Later on, you find out that Beowulf taking down that giant was actually a ruse and the giant was actually poisoned thus leaving him weak enough for Beowulf to take down. This makes Beowulf question if his career was all a lie and he wasn’t so sure what to do afterwards. In the end, he decided that he had to keep his promise to the fans and take down the Skullgirl, but not only for the fans, he also did it for the giant who had to go down because of him. Yeah I liked Beowulf’s story.



Not gonna lie that made me lol!

Cerebella story mode

i have it on 360 want to have a match or too?

Dude. TBH, I’d get this if XB360 Compatibility allows it.

Feel free to add me and if I see you online, I’ll toss you an invite!

SPOILER: I suck at this game

what’s your gt? unless your name is your gt then Derp