Skullgirls Discussion


No spaces or x’s and whatnot :smile:

And xbox will not sent my request try to sent me one

Right on, I’ll send you an add some time this weekend :smile:

request sent fianlly

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XB360 Compatibility allows it. now.

Ooooh, that means I can buy it on the Xbox site and play it on my Xbone :heart_eyes_cat:

I can finally attempt to play Skullgirls! As soon as I get the cash, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Skullgirls is on sale on PSN!

I’m actually very impressed with skull girls I downloaded the $10 sale and wow even a guy on the roster lol

A lot more technical than I thought and very nice design.
Glad I purchased it!

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I just bought Skullgirls today, I think I will have fun with it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the cash to get any of the DLC. Shame, Big Band looks like a ton of fun.

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I love it!!!

Ps4 version has all of them I think

I think it was rumored that a new version was coming to Xbox One. Waiting on that one to jump in. Also depends on price.

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