Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th


That’s exactly why I don’t like it - she was meant to shine, and she does not.


Kim shines. Just like the skin of orchid that’ still shiny the bustier just shines more.

It’s meant to be reflective.


Well, keep in mind that a reasonable percentage of DE purchasers are people who already owned the full game and just plonked down the extra $$ to get a disc and to support the game. So yeah, maybe those people have been supporting the game.


I bought 2 copies of the DE. One digital and one physical. I wanna keep the physical DE in plastic.


:o man you hard core. Im jelly


I purchased the physical definitive edition of the game and had redeemed my gold gargos code and the gold skin pack #2 still shows up as $4.99 in the store. Is this a bug or was it only available on 12/13 when it was released?


Well MS support basically said the opposite of the announcement here. So it seems like not ALL definitive owners are going to receive the skin pack for free.


I am honestly surprised that only one terror pack has been released so far. Color 9s on most characters have some type of unique aspect to it, such as Shago’s black eyes and skeleton paint, Sadira’s textured outfit and sleeves, and Mira’s face paint and stripes. For characters that to not have Terror skins, they can only be colored one way. Having an alternate version of that look is a great idea.

But $4.99 for three skins… if they released enough terror packs that every character had one, it would cost nearly $50 to have one new color per character. That amount of money is absurd compared to what you would get.


That is no different that the gold skins.


I think the first pack didn’t sell well enough to warrant more. Gold on the other hand did sell well and we got more.


I still would have been first in line for a terror skin for Kan Ra, Saberwulf, eyedoll, and general Raam.


I honestly believe that the devs made the gold skins way for every character regardless of sales.


I believe that also. They said at the start that all characters would have a gold skin. They said nothing about making more terror skins.