Six million players? congratulations KI!

Microsoft has revealed today that Killer Instinct has reached an incredible six million unique users as of March 2016, an impressive feat for a fighting game franchise that laid dormant for nearly twenty years. Season 3 just launched a couple of weeks ago on Xbox One and for the first time on Windows 10, so that number is likely to continue to grow in the weeks and months ahead and more and more people download the game and discover what is truly one of the best fighting games to be delivered this generation. We can all hope that this means Microsoft will continue to support the franchise going into the future, can’t we?

Huge congratulations to everyone at Microsoft, Iron Galaxy, and Double Helix on making this new entry of franchise such a fantastic experience and to Rare for creating KI all those many years ago for the Arcades and SNES/Nintendo 64. And of course, a huge thanks to everyone out there who has supported the game since its launch and to everyone just now getting started. Long live KI!

So good. Congratulations team!


KI deserves a tight hug from microsoft now.


That’s for the lifetime of the game. lol Of course it will be the highest it’s ever been right after a new season with a new platform added. In other words it’s not 6 million new players this month only, it’s 6 million users have ever downloaded the game. You might want to hold off on your congratulations and predictions for future seasons. lol

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That’s still pretty damn impressive though.

I don’t know how anybody would interpret the article that way. Of course it’s not “six million users this month” Are you out of your mind? Not even Skyrim gets that ffs.

Six million players having tried the game at some point is an important milestone. It seems seasonal models are here to stay for fighting games.


You’re living in the past. As an example Fallout 4 sold 12 million copies it’s first month out. lol Games today have to sell millions of copies to break even. So, six million in one month is nothing outside of the norm.

six million active players achieved on the 29th month of this game’s life. Nobody is talking about day one sales, not even about overall sales.
Sales =/= Players. Read before posting.

Not in a F2P game with microtransactions. If you are going to be snarky at least get your facts straight

Come on You two! This is a significant milestone for KI. Let’s not fight okay.


That doesn’t mean much, honestly. Like was already mentioned, it counts even users that installed the game years ago, then uninstalled without playing (or maybe they opened it, doesn’t matter). A more interesting and meaningful stat would be a number of concurrent players over the seasons.

GG devs!


What exactly is your point here? As far as I know, nobody’s assumed that it was just for the month, and it’s STILL a huge accomplishment. Also, why should we hold off on our congratulations? What good would that serve? This is good news, and as fans of the game, I and many others like me are going to choose to celebrate that fact. If you don’t want to join us, that’s fine, but don’t try to step on others’ toes by being a negative nancy.

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Nice of you to come by for this mood killer. Couldn’t just let people be happy huh? 6 million users for an niche genre and a game that was solely on the X1 for most of its lifetime, that is a good number. Many may have dropped it since but we get new players every year, and the game is just starting to rebuild its legacy IMO. Phil Spencer himself called it “the little game that could”, that says a whole lot about KI.

Are we sure this is a lifetime number rather than a monthly number?

“More than six million people played Killer Instinct in March 2016 across Xbox One and PC, representing a new single-month record for the fighting game, Microsoft announced this week as part of its NPD report.”

I mean, it would make sense that 6 million people would have touched the game over the course of 2.5 years or so, but at the same time having a “new” FREE title be touched that many times in a month isn’t so unbelievable either.

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congratulations KI! 6 million users is amazing, even if for just a month. thats alot bigger than what the naysayers always say.

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GGs IG and MS! Here’s to 6 million more! :smiley:


Everyone ignore the troll that has nothing but negative comment on every thread he enters!

Congratulations team! It just keeps getting bigger and better and us as community remember can help it grow by "staying positive with our comments and by spreading the word to every person that crosses our path online, game stop, …anywhere the conversation pops up about games.

Now can we get some Omen colors, retro and accessories now please? :smiling_imp:

And some Shago accessories please? lol