Simple but still major issues with character select interface

The difference is that it requires a button press to see the character. It takes too long, it’s inconvenient and completely unnecessary. That’s a crucial difference. No other fighting game does this.

No it doesn’t.

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Watch the name calling.


How am I supposed to take it seriously? He provides no evidence for his claim, I do, and then he just handwaves it away by saying “no it doesn’t”, which is just as disrespectful.

I’m just saying Name calling (depending on the level) is against some forum rules.

Just trying to keep things civil.

I did provide evidence. And pressing a button takes literally no time at all. I shouldn’t have to provide evidence for that. Good day, sir.

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It’s not wasting any of my time because I don’t wait for the render to load to select my character.

SFV also has a pretty hefty load time before the character select screen, and fewer models (that are less detailed) to load. The load time for a character model after selecting the character in KI is usually 1-4 seconds–far less than the time it takes in SFV to access the character select screen at all.

It would be nice if they just had character art in the select screen, but I don’t see the silhouette as being a real problem.


Neither do I but there are those that do when selecting colors/costume sets.

It’s a personal thing I guess.

Honestly I forgot that there are people that even do that. It’s been such a long while since it’s really stuck out to me that I just don’t notice it anymore.

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It’s basically mandatory to let ARIA load up and watch her advance in. That’s the rule.

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Calling something “terrible” is not constructive. Same goes for “huge mistake,” “super critical error,” asking someone on a video game forum if they’ve ever played a video game before as well as resorting to name calling.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a sensitivity issue. I can’t imagine anyone’s horrified by anything you’ve said. It’s more a perception issue.

You want to know why you seem to be arguing with everyone in this thread when most of your actual issues in and of themselves are relatively reasonable? Look no further then your own exaggeration and combativeness.

There was a chance for a good conversation here, but oh well. Good luck, regardless.


I actually think having it darkened and allowing for the character intro on selection is a nice touch. We are all aware of what every other game does. But just because it works for mortal Kombat and street fighter doesn’t mean that’s how it has to be for every fighting game under the sun.

What about something like this:

A temp PNG image in place until the actual character model loads in. You could even go further, and have key character moves displayed off to the side. Or estimated match-up percentage in the center. Plus, it’s an old school style KI selection screen. Bonus points for all us older players.


I love that picture. Absolutely love it. That said, there are just too many characters to do the scrolling bar IMO. I also worry that you have this great looking hero art and then once the in game model version loads, I mean, what happens? The hero art explodes and you’re left with the in game model that doesn’t look as good?

Personally, I’d just prefer it if they kept the hero art and then maybe a drop down menu comes down on the far side of each character allowing you to choose your color and accessory load out.

The color menu can have a sample swatch that’s big enough to give you an idea of what to expect that can be expanded with the push of a button to show a hero art style picture of the default outfit in that color.

The accessory sets would still be numbered, but if you need to actually see it, maybe you press a button and a box expands out from the number box to show pictures of the accessories in that custom selection in three semi-thin lines, like one bar showing Hisako’s headware, the bar below it showing her waist-ware and the last bar below that showing her weapon choice. They can all be cool looking, hero art style pictures of them.

I’d have to think that using hero art (especially cool looking art like the pics above) and pictures of the colors and accessories would help the select screen load everything much faster and also help the cursor movement speed.

Man, I also love that background behind them. So great…

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@KashaPsychoJosh As others have said, your posts are coming across in an incredibly aggressive and nonconstructive way. There’s plenty of room to have a discussion on your opinions (and though they’re views on the factual select screen, they are your opinions.) without name calling and aggression.

An opinion makes a great starting point for a conversation, but the devs aren’t required to match every single person’s individual expectation or desire for any particular feature/UI element/character etc.

Comparing SFV’s character select capabilities can only go so far, because while the aesthetic UI choices are easily comparable and debatable, limitations imposed by the game’s engine are not; if SFV and KI both ran on the exact same engine I completely agree that “SFV can do it” is a valid talking point.

I personally like the dark silhouettes, but I also like the Hero Art image suggestion as well.


Agreed. In certain context (that has to be clearly defined), such comparisons can be valid. But generally, this is an apples to oranges type of comparison. I mean, a Ford Pinto & a Bugatti Chiron are both cars, but to compare one to the other, in most categories, would be ludicrous.

I gotta know how do people keep making these images like what program do they use?

The most simple explanation would be talented artists with knowledge in graphics design using Photoshop.