Shu (Blue Dragon) would make an awesomely interesting guest fighter

Blue Dragon is a great series that Microsoft owns, and people are always asking for a sequel and for the original to be made backwards compatible on the Xbox One. I happen to enjoy playing it again every few years and today it dawned on me that Shu (the main character) would make such a cool and interesting guest fighter for KI.

As you can see, he fights mostly with his Blue Dragon spirit. That alone has so much potential for interesting move sets, and there can be even a few moves where Shu himself attacks with a dagger (like in the first hour of the game before he gets the Blue Dragon spirit)

I’d trust Iron Galaxy to give him a great modern (and maybe more western styled) design that fit better with the Killer Instinct universe, but his original design would make a great retro costume. I love Dragon Ball Z so I love all the character designs of Akira Toriyama.

I just think his inclusion in a future Season with an airship stage would add so much to the franchise.

No more guest characters.

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I fully understand that, but it is something that will continue with how well received the guests have been. People (like me) just were letdown by the lack of original new fighters. Since the entire original character roster is now in the game, that will no longer be an issue future seasons

The KI team would probably be more interested in making the dragon playable.

Probably would be the inspiration for the Genie character.

i loved blue dragon!!! the ending was absolutely crazy. however when the next “season 2” time skip was only in Japanese and was absolute chore to find online in passable quality i stopped looking for it. its truly a pity because in that part of the series the dragon gains his own legs and becomes separate from shu as he fight other dragons. i haven’t seen that game before but the anime graphics looked 10x better!

as for a guest character i would prefer a character modeled or rather inspired after Shu to be in KI as a original character instead of a guest character. it would fix some flaws in his design i have often overlooked and a person’s shadow that turns into a sentient being is a character trope that would be cool to see in KI. something like zato but on a bigger scale. imagine kim wu or jago with a shadow the size of gargos or glacius with its own hitbox/hurtbox(the hurt box would only appear during the start up of moves instead of all the time for balance sake)

i never really liked the 10 year old hero trope so making him as old as Zola (18-20 year old person) would be better. i really like the dragon as the image of the shadow instead of another animal and seeing a blue cannon clashing with a devastation beam would make me smile like i was a kid again when i first saw the show.

here are some screenshots from the anime to see how they look in the show. its been such a long time since i even thought of the show

Eh, I’ll pass. We already have Kim working with dragons. If another dragon is gonna be put in the game, it should be a playable one.

although i would perfer it to be a dragon simply because dragons are beings that exude power realisticly anything can be used as a shadow. a shadow could realistically take the shape of any animal mythic or real and still be a good concept. the show had sabre toothed tigers, Minotaurs, giant bat thingies and even a Valkyrie( a norse armored female warrior with wings)

it doesnt even have to be a literal creature but a shadow beast that can transform into an amalgamation of whatever it needs like Zato from Guilty gear or this guy tokoyami from my hero academia

As a fan of BD, I’d love it. Only if the iconic boss theme from the 360 game is present or remixed!

How about a Shaman original character. The ghost would possess the shaman.

Believe it or not I preferred later on in the show when the ghost materialized into a special form along side the shamans rather than straight up possessing them. In that case I would be all for it

…although some were weirder than others…

I don’t think so, there is a lot more move potential with Shu and the spirit form of the dragon.

Well the great thing about Shu being a shorter fighter with the Blue Dragon spirit behind him is that it brings the spirit (which will be doing most of the fighting) much closer to the eye level of a regular sized fighter. To me that just makes it more workable for the fighter idea his character would introduce.

I would rather they stick to Shu than make a character inspired by him since it would give the Blue Dragon series some representation and that alone would help get it a sequel sometime in the future. I’d much prefer they create new fighters based on characters they don’t own since they can easily place the characters in the roster if they have the rights to them. Like I would have hated to see characters inspired by Rash, Arbiter, and General RAAM as “new KI characters” when the real versions could be guest characters.

That’s just it, the Blue Dragon spirit will be doing 90+% of the moves and fighting.

I definitely saw that happening as well but without the annoying 80’s metal vocals LOL, I would also love the Blue Dragon victory battle music would play during the victory animation of Shu’s matches

well the thing is realisticly getting shu into KI would be like getting samurai jack into KI. an amazing dream but still just a dream. guest charecters are made with the plan to increase KI sales by bringing in fans of the guest(with the exception of rash i think because it was to advertise the rare anniversary pack thingy that had both KI and battletoads although fans of battletoads were attracted regardless.)

there is little gain for KI itself to get an old anime charecter into the game. not to mention all of the legal issues and contract. microsoft and IG to an extent is a company first and they do stuff to get a surplus in the money invested in a deal. the amount of money to ressurect Blue dragon isnt worth the money they would get in return. its better to get an original charecter that is shu in all but name in KI instead.

Season 4 should be all guest characters!

I know little to nothing about the Blue Dragon anime, I am not even sure if it was dubbed or broadcasted in the US. His inclusion would be because of the fact that Blue Dragon is an Xbox 360 exclusive, published by Microsoft and possibly the most successful first party JRPG they have ever done. I don’t even think Lost Odyssey did as well as Blue Dragon.

Microsoft still owns the rights to the Blue Dragon series.

No way. 2 per season is fine, 3 for some seasons is pushing it, but anything more than that is just no longer making it Killer Instinct and turning into Xbox Bros.