Show off your Custom Fightstick Artwork!


I’m thinking of getting a TE2 near the end of the year and I love seeing everyone’s custom fightsticks. So lets revive this post from the last forums!

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Woah! Good job man, that’s awesome! I love the Glacius ones with the blues and whites.

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KrizmKazm actually made these 2 for me below back in the Double Helix Forums days

I’ve swapped joysticks too like 2 different times. I have a second KI TE2 that hasn’t been modded at all. Still thinking of the perfect concept. I have a custom Glacius artwork I want to put on my second one and go with a Red theme instead of the traditional Blue theme you see in almost all Glacius fightsticks.


Amazing! Glacius seems popular!


Notice the small head set port in the front too! yeah!!! Only bad part about that is you have to shave off the entire front of the head set plug in jack to make it flush against the front of the fight stick… something i was not aware of when i purchased the stick… Owell you live and learn. I had to buy a Dremel tool to shave down by Xbox head set jack and it didn’t work with my turtle beach head phones…so then I had to shave down the turtle beach jack and it works… but it was a lot of work…like being in machine shop!!! LOL
I almost cut off my finger tip like Tony Iommii!!!


This is great. Love it


I meant the one with Omen, cant edit my post above for some reason.


Thanks man! Stan the Man made it…I designed the art work, that’s my bands logo in the right corner and Stan designed the decisions on button choice, lights colors, ect… 400$ and worth EVERY PENNY!!!

I have a TE2 but its nothing compared to the Fall of Seraphs Omen Custom!!!

BTW! All of the art templates on my TE2 are made by Krizm Kazm… he gets all the credit!!! He gives them to you for free!!! Ready to print at the right size and every thing! All you have to do is Down load them to a memory stick and take them to Kinkos and print them out for about 50 cents a piece! i did 12 for about 11$ with tax. I swap them out every few weeks… my kids and wife play on this one.

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I love on the Omen one how the artwork transitions into the tops of the buttons aswell! I also really like those translucent ball tops with the glittery mess in the middle, it looks really good on any stick, especially for Omen because it kinda fits his aesthetics.

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Thanks Silver! Stan did a great job! I think the art could have been done better if we waited for more HD images of Omen to be released…but we started making this art and stick around Feb 10th and Omen had only been out for 10 days… so all we had was a Shadow tiger lair back ground off google and the still shot of Omen off google as well. We had to add the extended lightning bolts since they did not reach the top of the screen on the Omen file…which is cut and paste onto the shadow tigers lair. It was a lot of work…but Im happy. Next time i think I would have done it a bit different though.

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Great work guys. Omen’s design with the back lights look really cool and the Glacius designs are great.

Someone on DeviantART asked me for my Fulgore design for a fightstick, but they never got back in touch for me to send it to them. Here it is on a template. Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey Guys this is my stick art I’m a big fan of KI and Mortal Kombat tell me what you think.
I didn’t add any LED light because they would just distract me, Do you think i could put LED’s in there and if so what colour i was also thinking of changing the colour of the bat top but again not sure what colour.

I put a lot of time into this so i hope you like it :smile:


That is absolutely beautiful…


Thanks, I took a still frame from the Fulgore trailer and put in the ponytail I dreamed he’d have. I based the ponytail on the beautiful physx effects Planetside 2 had for their elevators. It was millions of cubes making a smoke effect that just hypnotised me whenever I saw it.

I always thought that Fulgore’s updated look would have that instead of just a ponytail, but meh. Let’s hope the modders can make it happen.

Here’s an example of the Physx effect I’m talking about.


This Fulgore art is simply amazing!!!


The best one I have seen. I like the theme a lot.
Some sticks have beatiful artwork, yours is just a complete design with nice small touches here and there. Really slick and sophisticated looking! Soo complete!!

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I think I’m done, at least for now :smile:
Just need to find a place to print… And wait impatiently for Shadow Jago to be uncaged in his rightful fury.


I’ve been trying to post a pic of mine…apparently “new” users can’t post images…even though I’ve been posting off & on for some time now…Anyway, here’s a link: Cinder Themed Fightstick

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I was going to customise mine based off Cinder becasue it didnt seem like very many people had Cinder sticks. Yours is REALLY nice!