Should we Start Match-Up Threads

Back when I used to play smash bros I their used to be a match up thread for each character that would be updated with a new character every week or so. So my idea should we do something similar and make match up threads and when some one has problems we can reference it to them. So Yes good idea or no dumb/ too much work?

Fulgore-Everyone else 1-9 favor against Fulgore. Buff him guys Kappa

Its a very good idea! We have had something similar in the Hisako Sub-Threads. It helps out a lot of people for sure too. :slight_smile:

I like how the Hisako sub forum has something. But I would like every character to have it and to be more organized. So us as a community can help everyone who come here with problems and reference them their.
Example of what it could look like

Week 1 Hisako vs Jago 5-5 posts: 1- 56
Week 2 Hisako vs Saberwulf 4-6 posts 57- 99

Pretty sure someone tried such a thing, there should be blank threads in every character subforum requesting MU discussion, but y’know, there’s some minor aesthetic gripe or “taunting is bullying” or other bullshit to cry about that we devote our forum-going time to instead.

Check the character subforums before creating new topics, pretty sure they exist, they’re just void of discussion.

Note that not all character subforums are created equal. Kan-Ra, Hisako, and Mira have players devoted to playing the game. Everyone else, slightly less so. Maya and Orchid players don’t give a damn about levelling up their base, Larry is just lookin’ out for the spank-bank. And so on.

I know but that why I want this to be an everyone instead of always talking about trivial thing we can help new people and people wanting level up their skill. We want new content like characters but it would make it harder for newer people if we did this we wouldn’t have worry we can just reference people here.

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Yeah, go ahead and do it. Sounds like a good idea. Sometimes, people need that extra push to start something amazing.


Ok should If I start this should it be a general thread and all character with will be underneath it or should it be character specific threads. But with specific it’s would be harder for me to manage, potential overshadowing, and lacking of post. Unless someone people want to help take a character make and manage the thread while keeping it update. But 1 thread is harder to organize and would take longer to finish. How should this be done.

There is one of these in every character subforum (maybe not Kilgore). You could either add to them, get in touch w/ the OP & Mods to see if access to OP editing can be granted to you or to designated character specialists (I’m not sure of how this works w/ this forum software), or take from them for your own endeavors. Some are blank, some are hella informative.

W/o a dedicated team, such an endeavor will be very difficult to manage, as keeping OP’s updated, relevant, and well formatted is of the utmost importance, so new players don’t have to confusedly read through 30-100 posts and determine relevance of data on their own.

As much as I’d love to help, I’m not sure if I’ll be available as needed, and would rather not sign up for something just to flake out on it (or be medically incapacitated from it). Also I’m terrible.

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I’m not sure I’m going to do it cause it seems like alot if I can’t get someone for every character to take charge. We’ll see if more people say they want to do this and we get people to run a thread for each character then we can get this started. If not then I will just end here as an idea.

There is a website out there for matchups but its practically useless. It has the Sabrewulf Vs Gargos matchup as 5-5 which is definitely false, Sabrewulf destroys Gargos kappa :joy: