Should The Gargos Skin's be sold Separately?

With Killer Instinct Definitive Edition, you get 2 Color’s for Gargos a Gold and Platinum Color.

Now for some people (Including myself) this is upsetting because some people already own the full game, The Ultra Edition’s for All 3 Seasons.
When people already have the full game we do not really want to spend $40 to get the game a second time because we already have it. All we really want is the Skins but $40 is way too much for 2 skins.

So do you guys think the skins should be sold separately? “I was thinking $5 each at most”.

This gives the people who have the full game already and do not want to buy it again the chance to get the skins.
It also won’t take much away from the Definitive Edition because people who do buy that will still get a Disc Copy as well as the Sound Tracks where people who buy the skins separately just get the skin’s and nothing more.

Iron Galaxy Please sell the skins separately for us who already have the full game.

Good question.

My answer is no.

I would make the gold and platinum skins available for all the characters and lock them behind either ranked match levels (EX 1st Gold Title and Killer Titles respectively).

This move would at least add some spice to Ranked a little (albeit more salt in case of those who failed to reach gold).

Not everyone is good enough for that though. I can’t even get to Silver.

Yeah. Sometimes going into Ranked Matches feels like a hard climb up a mountain, but perhaps if…(insane idea coming up)…we can unlock those skins via a rare chest drop in Shadow Lords?

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I think they should be temporarily available during a community fund. Like Shadow Jago.


yes. it’s not like it’s pay to win or anything.

I would actually argue the opposite side–that is, that tying those colors to gold/killer rank would make the skins feel much less special as they’re too easy to get.

I think releasing the Gold/Platinum skins together in a bundle later on would be the best option. Price wise, 5$ or less, since its only two colors. Just seems weird to make two fancy color palettes, but restrict how many people can play as it.

Well they’re aren’t really restricting access to those colors but I get what you mean, I for one though believe that they should stick with the DE like the ultimate source figures.

yes but when you get the figures your not paying for something you already have you getting something you do not have with it.

Maybe a special Gold and Platinum Gargos figure for the futre???

Could definitely see that happening.

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That could work I guess.

You’re also getting the soundtrack for all the games, the extra features, and if you got it from GameStop the controller skin.

They released it as part of the DE to help incentivize buyers and sell more copies, guys. It’s a typical move in marketing. It’s the ol’ carrot on a stick. Besides, if you were to release it seperately, it could actually hurt their sales, as many people would just buy the skin and not the whole bundle. Is it unfortunate that we’d have to buy the whole game again to get them? Yes, most certainly, but I guarantee you that there are some who will still do it because they’re hardcore fans and/or collectors. Try to see it from the PoV of the devs/publishers - if they don’t make money, then they can’t continue to support and advertise for the game, which would be bad for all of us in the long run.

With that said, I’m in full support of having other means of acquiring such things as this, but I’m not so vain or selfish to think that I’m entitled to getting something like this too (and no, I’m not saying that’s what you guys are, but many others who post about this kind of thing are, so I think it’s still worth being said), and am perfectly happy with the fact that I’ve had 3 wonderful seasons to play the game. :slight_smile:

It’s all give and take, really. How much are they willing to give and how much of what they give are you willing to take? Is it worth it to you? Only you can answer that.

I, for 1, hope they do release this extra content down the road, but it may be a while…

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And you could always buy the DE get the skin and trade it back so…

Sure, go ahead and hurt the industry for your own personal gain. It’s things like that that hurt the economy and only help put it into a decline (no matter where you’re from).

I don’t know that feel’s a little scummy doing it that way. I am Happy to pay for the color’s but I don’t want to pay that much money for the color’s. Like I said I was thinking at least $5 each that’s $10 for both I am happy with that but $40 just seems to much.

I’m saying if he really wants the skins that bad without getting the DE he could do it, I myself have already bought the DE and have all 3 ultra editions and participated in the shago fund. I did it to support the game.

Like I said, it’s worth doing for some people. You’re obviously 1 of those people. The same likely won’'t be true for most.

If anything keep them exclusive for a bit and then sell them separately I’m sure that would be a pretty reasonable solution.

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