Should The Gargos Skin's be sold Separately?

That’s the way it’s been done in the past…

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That would be okay I would be fine with that as long as we get them eventually.

For me I’m a hard core KI fan have been since SNES days and I own all three seasons but there was never a question if I was going to get the DE (dam right I was) even if it’s locked behind a pay wall think of the big picture and support the game is getting from your purchase the more money we put into KI the more stuff will get out look at your purchase as going toward some accessories or more stages in the future that might alleviate your concerns for the $40 purchase all these ideas to be an unlockable in the game would’ve been cool but I don’t think you could do it now because you definitely would piss the people off that went and bought the DE already

What would be the point of paying $40 for something you already have, getting these extra’s and then trading the game back for less than a third of what you paid? A lot of people would have downloaded the game from day one so I say make the skins (including the one’s from ultimate source) in a big package. I.G can still make money from that…maybe?..

I meant it as option that many people resort to when they want only one thing out of a package and don’t care for anything else that they just buy it take what they want and sell the rest or trade it back. I don’t see the point of this either but people have done it/ do it with many other things.

I don’t see why not. I bought the DE and I would not be offended or upset if people who didn’t buy it got the chance to purchase them. If people are willing to put up the money, why turn them down?

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