Should SL be more like a dynamic mode a.k.a. tag team

It feels like the current installment of Shadow Lords are too static. I wish it was more real time interactive. Even more when you can create clubs to play on xbox live. Call your friends and beat the crap out of Gargos.

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Shadow lords is getting a multiplayer mode, we’ll have to wait and see how it will turn out, i’m sure it will be fun though, IG havemt disappointed me yet (except for no Mira stage :cry:, but they are forgiven)

I am really curious about the multiplayer mode. I really hope co-op is an option. Not a lot of fighting games have a form of co-op.


That would be nice and could be a total blast!


Pretty sure the multiplayer has been confirmed to just be exhibition with shadow lords buffs turned on, so its a competition to see who’s got the cheapest unlockables.

I agree, would help with accessibility and unlocks etc

Can you explain what you mean by “real time interactive?” I’m not entirely certain what that expression is trying to describe.

The whole club aspect though… I personally don’t need that. I like a good single player mode with a lot of depth and exploring / traveling the world etc like Edge Master Mode in the original Soul Calibur. But this sounds like that mode taken to the tenth degree. The hundredth degree. That’s everything I want and then some.

Any multiplayer aspects are icing on the cake for me.

wow! You gotta be kidding me, right?! Tag team says it all. You could be with your other 2 friends interacting at the same round. Not the RPG thing. Tag team is tagging, got it??

I don’t think real time interactive is a way to decribe tag team lol so saying ‘wow you gotta be kidding right’ is kinda rude. Just character switching during the match is fine

no one intended to be rude here. Maybe i’ve gone too over the top with something like real time thing. :sweat_smile:
I think Shadow Lords should be a tag co-op mode. Thats all.

Yeah I understand what a tag team is, but I’ve never in my life heard that described as “real time interactive.” I also get what real time interactive is, but I don’t automatically equate that to “tag team.”

But if that’s a popular colloquialism for it, then my apologies. FWIW, I tried googling the expression and got nothing related to what you’re talking about here. I get what you’re saying now though.

Now we’re on the same page! lol.

I mean, I think that’d be great as an option for people that want it. I think that could be really cool. I’m interested in the mode as a single player experience, but for people to be able team up and take on the mode together? I think that’d be awesome.

I’d like the tag team addition but not at the expense of the Rpg elements.