Should Rashs' instinct be changed?

I Honestly feel like we haven’t unlocked the true use of his Instinct. Just because it’s similar, doesn’t mean it has to be used in a similar way. Think outside the box. :wink:

Stlyish Bike juggles?

Not just that, because it was a hard knockdown in the air, right? I think with the massive amount of hitstun and since you can control the speed of the Speeder while riding it, I think it might be more defensive than offensive. That’s just my opinion however.

What if the bike does a high damage wall splat. (from anywhere it pushes the opponent all the way to the edge of the stage)

I think I’ve done this fw times but after crashing into an opponent with te bike maybe Rash can us ehis tounge to come right back in? not sure if this was a fluke or maybe I got lucky but that was one thing I recalled with Rash’s Instinct

All the worries about this move being bad are pretty much dead. It staggers on hit now, making it really strong.

I disagree completely.

Rash has the most useless instinct in the game.

damn near nobody is using Rash’s instinct…

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I haven’t really come up with anything good with it yet. So far when I use it, I jump in the air immediately and tongue zip over, so right when they are blocking the bike, I am dropping almost right behind them from the otherside and hit his MK button in attempt to get a crossup lol

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That will get old fast.

Yeah his instinct is ■■■. You can’t use the instinct freeze for anything because you’re forced to get on the bike, sometimes I’ll pop instinct, see my opponent doing a DP, hold back, get on the bike and get hit. Plus the bikes randomly explode without hitting anything, the cool down on the bikes is way too long, and on block you’re unsafe!

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Rash’s instinct got me killed so many times. Turbo tunnel memories.

I like it a lot actually. It’s great for crossing up your opponent and really adds to even more options to his mix up game. Call it in mid swing of your wrecking ball so it hits the opponent on one side then drop down with a medium kick on the otherand your almost always gonna catch em. It’sa good instinct just give it a little time and some experimentation and you may be surprised

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Calling it is fine. Activating it gets you killed. I wish the bike didn’t come out right away after instinct activation.

Timed correctly, you can get the bike itself to crossup/not-crossup with zipline, which makes it an ambiguous left-right combo starter. You can also call bike to hit just after wrecking ball, removing the opponent’s AA window and giving you an overhead/empty low mixup.

The instinct is good.

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No. I know about that.

His Instinct is fine if you really want to see its potential try fighting rash on killer difficulty you will be stuck on defense during his instinct.

I’ll try that.

Tried calling his instinct to avoid getting shadow countered on a the shadow ram charge.

1st attempt: Called it on the fourth hit, opponent did shadow counter, rash got on the bike and the bike activated the shadow counter which caught rash out of the air.

Ok, maybe I should jump to avoid getting on the bike.

2nd attempt: Called it on the fourth hit, opponent did shadow counter, jumped over the opponent, bike activated the shadow counter and it autocorrected and caught rash in the air on the other side.

It’s bad enough you can’t block when you call it but you can’t even use it as shadow counter bait!