Should Rashs' instinct be changed?

I’m probably in the minority when I say that I felt a little disappointed that his instinct was a rehash of Orchids’ instinct but with tweaked properties (more hitstun/ride-able). Personally I rather him get a more unique instinct mode and I just wanted to see if anyone had some cool ideas that IG/MS could use if they were to change it. Here’s some ideas I came up with:

  • Flys appear and if you catch them with your tongue, you regen health (The flys could act as hookshot points so you can dart around the stage)
  • Those space invader looking dudes steal health off your opponent and they have to decide to try and get the health pieces back or keep fighting.

IG/MS would have to tweak his combos tho cos he’d lose combo potential without his current instinct (He’d lose safe counter breakers too). Thoughts?

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I don’t see them changing his instinct, as that already more than likely has been debated and the ‘bike’ is featured in his outro

Yeah I was thinking that. Maybe the bike instinct could be tweaked a bit cos atm, jumping/slowing down on the bike seems pretty useless (maybe someone has some tech that I haven’t seen). Either way, hopefully there’s no more Instinct rehashes in the future.

I say rather than just changing it outright, it should be buffed a bit to make it better at its job. Maybe give it better properties, like less recovery to allow it to be used as an opener, or some sort of invincibility while riding it.

I generally like the idea with the bike but the way it is right now feels too similar to Orchid’s instinct but worse. I don’t think it’s an advantage that Rash automatically mounts the bike (I know you can avoid that by jumping, but it would be cooler if you could do another move instead and not grab the bike). I’m not sure and I cannot test it right now, but aren’t you pretty punishable if the opponent blocks it? I was watching Max’ videos and it seemed as if he ended up in a worse spot than before whenever he used it.

So I think it would be nice if the bike is a normal projectile by default but you have the choice to “grab” it (LP+LK maybe, or with the tongue) and thus change the speed or jump with it or maybe even dismount it again.

I think it should be adjusted

The speederbike should move very slow when you are not handling it and fast when you sit on it, that has potential for left right mixups and baits.

Also it should have other properties, maybe make it explode on distance pressing HP+HK again, or being able to make it jump without riding it.

Dunno, ideas.

I do feel the coodown on the bikes is a bit high. It feels less like an Instinct for it.

It would be interesting to find out which is more influential, more tongue cancelling for more screen zipping or more frequent bikes.

ONE BIKE that you can mount multiple times during instinct that can deal massive damage that can also be used as an ender If you manage to steer your combo close to the bike. The bike can’t open a combo tho

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the speeder at all.

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If it’s going to stay, it should do a LOT more damage to make up for its incredibly limited usefulness.

Maybe when it crashes into a player, Rash could flip over the handle bars and continue combo.

The only change I can really see it getting is reducing the respawn time. The stun it causes is ridiculous. There are pretty wacky setups that can be done too.

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I get wanting to reference the infamous speeder bike, but from a gameplay standpoint, Rash’s instinct is useless. The impact pushes you away, which means you can’t follow it up with anything. Being able to steer it means nothing when the two characters on screen are so close together. Unless you’re at a full screen distance, you aren’t going to have time to jump the bike in any useful way. It’s the only instinct in the game I’ve ever actively avoided using.

You try Charge Ram?

Rash’s instinct is pretty bad (I main Aganos and I know sub par instincts), however it isn’t useless. You can use the bike during a combo and continue it by using his tongue to the ground, then ram horn back into combo. The bike does a little more damage then a jab, but it leaves a decent amount of hitstun.

Also if in the corner, you can tongue grab diagonal to the opponent, then use a light or medium air attack into a auto-double.

The bike can also be used for safe counter-breakers. Use a heavy ad, summon the bike then counter break. The bike will cancel your animation while having the counter window open. If the bait was not taken, use tongue lash to the ground, ram horn into ender.

Just some ideas as to how his instinct can be used. (Although the damage should be a tad increased)

i think his bike shouldnt explode once it hits but pass through his opponent causing more damage.

Yes seeing a bike explode on impact of flesh is visually odd. (exception being Aganos, Aria, and Fulgore)

No more odd than a girl spy with a bald head under plaster of paris strips

Im not a fan of the speeder bike Instinct either… I think it could have been something much better. I feel bad for some of the characters with lame instincts…GLacius, Hisako, Omen, ect…
I think that all instincts should give the player abit of speed and frame advantage like TJ combo and Jago receive…on top of there little extras…like Aganos should get the club and full chunk with speed, Glacius with armor and speed, OMen with extra Rashauken and speed.

Thats my thoughts

Change it. KI doesn’t need clones for the one thing that really makes each character unique which is their Instinct. Its pretty much Orchid’s with a small twist. Being able to ride it or not.

How would people feel if a new character would get some type of health regen, armor, or the ability to freeze you (Sadira webs) ? The game will get boring if each new character receives an Instinct that has already been issued to a prior character.