Should Ranked have a filter option?

While I dont really mind fighting whoever, as a Killer, fighting Bronze/Silver/Gold just isnt worth it or fun 99% of the time. since its usually a stomp for the killer and im sure its not fun for the Non-Killer to experience that and it never feels worth the time, especially with Gold rank being 2-3

do you agree there should a filter option to search within your league only as a Killer? so that you get Killer vs Killer always? or Gold vs Gold or other non killer ranks?

sure search time might increase a lot, but Id take that for the development of more shrooms


I’m still puzzled as to why there isn’t one. Just about all mainstream fighters have the option of searching for someone your level or above. You could argue that re-qualifying people could abuse it but even before that was put in, filtering still wasn’t a thing.

I think a filter option should be a thing. If not for level, then for connection quality.

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Is the pool of Killer ranked players big enough for this to be viable? That’s the only factor I can think of that would make IG choose to not make this an option in game.

I mean it would be an option, so itd depend, I think so. Wait times would no doubt go up, but youd expect that.

I think wanting to keep wait times from going up is exactly why there isn’t one. I already have longer waits in ranked than exhibition, it would probably be even worse with a bunch of people filtering killers out of their search pool. Though, I agree that matches with bronze/silver/gold players usually feel pretty pointless.


Yes… yes I can confirm for people who have a good connection, it is. And the pool keeps getting bigger.

@DEClimax Only reason why I think there isn’t one as well. KI isn’t tiny by any means but falls short when the playerbase is compared to others.

Being a bottom-of-the-barrel rank, I’d gladly trade away the faster search for an opportunity to be able to raise my score above zero.

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I love this idea. I want gold v gold. I never fare well against killers, I just get stomped. I could be on such a good streak then I run into a handful of killers and that totally flushes all my progress down the toilet. I don’t even play ranked league anymore except to get the faulty loot.

It wouldn’t even be just for the killers but for everyone. Imagine a bronze fella going against a killer teir. It’s an impossible fight for the little guy, but that can and does happen, all the time.

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You probably have shorter wait times in exhibition because exhibition is a pointless mode. It’s an endless match of “look what I can do”. It should have been called live action practice mode. It doesn’t really matter if you’re properly matched up here and everyone is OK with that, but in ranked league where it does matter, people have given up on it all together, at least that is a major risk with the way things are now.

Uh…what? Exhibition is the only efficient way to play out long sets. If there were only one mode to play online with I’d want it to be exhibition–the limited set length in ranked and long waits between matches in lobbies turn me off of those modes hard.

But you also don’t get anything out of exhibition mode. There’s no xp, it doesn’t up your rank score, it is a pointless mode. It’s just an online beat me up for five hours straight.

XP and rank are both things I don’t care about.

I love the ranked system as it is … To be a player you all know this game is intense from purchase … When I started playing I haven’t touched a joy stick since the first KI … so thats along time ago but i knew going in people would be better then me and getting my butt handed to me all the time showed me what to do and what not to do … Ive lost so many matches it makes my head explode … however after practicing and learning the moves i was able to rank up and made it to killer so … dont give up … learn … practice … and guess what you to will rank up

Which is probably why you frequent the exhibition mode is it not? But for the rest of us that care about xp and climbing in the ranks is why I find exhibition to be pretty pointless. I see it more as a practice mode against an AI with an actual brain, because it’s an actual person.

I like the old ranking system, win matches rank up, lose matches rank down…


But no one wants to change that. We just don’t want the playing field ridiculously skewed. The wait time is bad enough, then when someone finally does Roger up, people are reluctant to walk away because they would have to wait for another match up. But when your match is bronze vs killer, what chance does the bronze guy have? Not alot. And here’s the kicker. When an opponent Rogers up and the players are no where near equal, at this point your locked in. You can’t quit without being penalized for “rage quitting”. So how is this fair? Wait and wait, now here’s a guy that can squash you into oblivion, but don’t you dare run or your rank will be credited with a loss.

qualifier x qualifier to killer x killer. Fare.

Longer sets help you improve as a player much faster than simply playing short quick two out of threes nonstop. You learn more about the match ups, your own tendencies, identifying opponent tendencies, and adjusting your playstyle, overcoming obstacles, etc. All of this makes you a stronger player which will help you climb rank much better than simply grinding it out.

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You probably don’t fare well vs killers because you assume they’re much better than you. This is not always the case.

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