Should I leave?

I think it’s obvious that I’m not welcomed here, at least that’s what it feels like. I’ve had multiple forum members taunt and tbag me online, they don’t speak to me in a friendly way like they would with each other and some even ignore me. I completely understand that maybe it’s because you don’t know me in person, or through streams with a mic or we might have had many disagreements. So this is your chance to get anything off your chest and tell me what you don’t like about me and I’ll even leave if you ask me to. I don’t want to bother anyone with my presence here, it was never my intention to trouble anyone.

No don’t leave, especially not over what some forum members think or treat you. Some people are trolls and some might just not like you. Just ignore the haters and the hold nothing over anyone here.


I mean,no offense,but you seem like you are crying out for help with these threads/posts,or screaming out for attention.Why are you even caring how others feel about you?Play the game and dont give a ■■■■ what others do or might think about you

Grow a thick skin and stop letting everything bug you.If you like it here,stay and enjoy it,if you dont,then leave.But when you let others dictate what you might do or not do,it makes you seem weak.


It’s honestly up to you. If you feel like this isn’t the place for you, then that’s fine, and we respect your decision.

We aren’t going to get along with everyone in here. Even I have people I just don’t get along with here. But, I stay because I know the community is loving, and is like a huge family. Even in family, you get ignored and such. I personally don’t think you are a burden on anyone. I wouldn’t want you to leave over a few people. It’s… petty to leave for that.

Just enjoy the game you love, and talk with us nice people :smile:

Ignore the others that bother you. :thumbsup:


Was you comment necessary not really help the situation, insight. It was just really and a waste of space. Try and be more nicer and respectful


I was.He nor anyone else should let actions people do online in a video game dictate their state of mind.It’s a game for crying out loud,deal with the petty bs others might do,ignore it,and move on.

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The part where you said he was crying made me think otherwise so I apologise

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WHAT! There are people who actually dislike you Ninja??? I thought that was impossible! :frowning:

Seriously though, Vlad don’t let the actions of a few dictate how you feel. I’m a Sadira main. I’ve had forum members RQ on me, but when it all boiled down to it, they were having a really bad day.

Ninja’s right, not everyone is going to want to be your friend, but that shouldn’t deture you from being part of a community.


Hey, man! Try to not take the things about the forum that serious. Just ignore the trolls and their bad things. We are here to help each other, so you can stay and enjoy this forum with us.


For @VladKravich


Don’t mind it. Some forum members taunt and I get it, they get into the moment. Though when they taunt, I make sure I play my best so they don’t forget at what moment they screwed up.

But I mean, your call dude. Just talk to them, usually just talking to someone man to man/woman puts you out there as a person. I don’t think making a thread is the way to go though.


Best thing to do is block them and move on.
They’ll go about the rest of their day and so should you. Keep your head up and Fight On.


Dude I’m sorry you’ve felt unwelcome here. Unfortunately there’s always going to be people on the internet who say rude things or might upset you or disagree with you (because the internet gives us all an anonymous veil like that) but that doesn’t represent all of us. We’re here because we love KI and we love talking about it with the rest of the community. I love how diverse the community is and naturally everyone has their own opinions. So personally I love you being here but if you feel like it’s not for you then that’s fair enough and we’ll catch you somewhere in the netcode :slight_smile:

(Also if you get any abuse on this thread try not to read too much into it, opening yourself up can lead people to critise or assume you’re attention seeking)

Regardless of what you do, don’t worry about what some people on the internet may think.


You can’t have an online session of XBL without getting teabagged by racist teenagers.


I would stay, ignore the trolls, and limit your posts that make people argue with you. Post comments based off fact and less opinion.

Sometimes its best to not post at all, just read.

Also, and this might sound rude to some but…acting as if you are depressed turns people away. Some people dont like to be around depressing conversations. I dont know why, but for instance I personally cant stand to be around someone that pouts and lets it be known they are sad or mad, or depressed.
If you are depressed, take it to a PM of someone youtrust, but posting in a public place with depressing conversations never goes well.

thats just my 2cents… but I want you to stay. :wink:


I hate to “be that girl” but you sound like you’re 10. Seriously… These post remind me of a guy who used to post in another forum I frequented. Every other post he made was stuff like… “Nobody likes me!”… “Should I leave?”… etc.
Needless to say, it didn’t make them anymore popular. No one likes a whiner.
If other gamers effect you like this I suggest finding a life. I hate to sound like a B—H but ■■■■… find another hobby or go outside. There are too many things in this world to do than seek the approval of people whom most are people you will never meet in person in your life.
I will freely admit I suck at wording what I want to say on post, therefore I don’t post a lot, but to me, these kinds of post are just attempts for attention. If you are actually 10, ask your mom or dad what they think.


I have to keep reminding myself there’s an array of different AGES, personalities and levels of sanity in the world- I’m not a teen at all but I encounter proven behavior and manners that remind me we have a spectrum of gamers from 10 to over 60 years old!

There are probably 1 of every 20 people that suffer from depression or mental health issues that may just happen to like playing video games.

It’s the only resolution to define these type of passive/ aggressive posts/ activity online.

The best way to deal with such is blocking the user. At the end of the fight, if you don’t RQ, quickly tap RB and choose block on the lower left menu

I’m not sure how many we can block or how long the block lasts, but I openly use it, especially for Rash spammers/ lag switch manipulating

I thought it was said we would be anor to block forum members as well but hadn’t heard anything about that

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If you hangout with nine losers, you’re soon gonna be the tenth.

So are you hanging out with losers?

I don’t know.

You choose.


do what you will man, but really…who gives a ■■■■ what other people think?


There’s a simple measuring stick for that issue:

Have you been banned? No? Then you’re welcome here.

This is KI’s house. They decide who’s welcome and who’s not. If you want to stay, stay, chat, enjoy. If not, then don’t.

But don’t expect people to be like " :scream: No don’t! Wait! Come Back!!" if you choose to go.

And with all of this I would like to qualify that I’ve got nothing against you. You’re a pretty cool guy.

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