Should Eyedol be in season 3 (POLL)

Pretty much this.

I’d love to see them try, but the chances that the character could look ridiculous or be so different that Eyedol fans hate him is likely not a small percentage. I still voted yes, but not without reservations.

Yup. I remember that as well. That’s kind of why I had the option to have Eyedol as a walk on cameo rather than a playable character because I could see them doing that instead of a playable redesign. I still want him in and the results are heavily leaning in that direction but this is just a forum poll and I know it doesn’t have magical powers. It’s mostly for fun but I guess you never know who’s paying attention and what they might take away from it.

I’m really glad you added that option, because it allowed me to cast a vote! :grinning:

Not a problem. Simple yes and no polls can be quite limiting.

How do you create a poll

The thread below will teach you how to make a poll. Good luck.

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I cannot believe that some people want the Original KI Boss as a simple NPC :cry:
Its like having MK with Shang Tsung as a simple NPC…
Or having SF with Sagat as a simple NPC…

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I’ve always like Eyedol’s design, he’s a mish-mash of monsters from greek mythology.

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Bring back eyedol remove stupid satyr bottom half and dumb bug eye cyclop I honestly don’t see how bringing him back would look good in any way he’s design is pretty terrible

Only if they completely redesign his move set and his role in the game. But if they are making that many changes to him, does he really belong anymore? I think the design of his character is fine, but for me Gargos and Eyedol are too simular with out tweaking. I am not particularly attached to Eyedol so if he doesn’t make a return, I won’t be disappointed.

I’m not particularly attached to Kim and Tusk, to me they’re as generic as could be but I’m sure the devs will take those old boring designs and make them great just as they’ll do to Eyedol and Gargos. Everyone deserves to have their favorite character back I say, even if I don’t personally like them.

I think that all of the classic characters should make it into the game, Eyedol definitely included. That glorious Ray Harryhausen beast should get some time in the spotlight.
I mean, Gargos is basically just a big gargoyle, and there’s a good chance he can make it in. With the awesome redesigns that Maya,Jago, Orchid, and Spinal got, I have complete faith that IG can take the simple boss designs and make them unique.

Sidenote: I’ve heard a few theories that ARIA would use Eyedol to battle Gargos ala Godzilla 2014, and I think that’d be really freakin rad


Story-wise I think it’d be awesome if Eyedol was brought back as a way to combat Gargos after ARIA fails to beat Gargos.

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Yes I’m very much rooting for this. I really want all of the classic characters to return, and I think this would be a really cool way to do so.


I vote yes because damn it he’s agot the potential to be a unique character.

I vote YES because he was first final boss!

I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be in season 3 honestly.

Clash of the titans. I like it. Too bad Gargos and Eyedol would have to be the size of all the other fighters (and Aganos will probably be bigger than both of them still).

Think of it like Superman or the Sayans. Not much larger than the average fighter, but exponentially more powerful. Plus, the corporeal forms they would use to combat mortals will likely either be a weakened version of themselves or a smaller projection of a much larger cosmic entity.

Not an Instinct, a move that trades Instinct for Health but like Fulgore charging Reactor manually.

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