Should aganos' walls keep gargos minions out?

Not sure where to put this, in gargos or aganos or general…so i went general.

Basically, aganos walls disrupt glacius’ hail shadow, and heavy hail. Orchids cats are stopped. The walls lock out maya from a whiffed dagger throw. So why wouldnt using the “now were in here together and your minions are out there” strategy be worthwhile? it already a pretty bad matchup for aganos. Do you think this is an oversight? thoughts?


Damn didn’t even know that :confused: KEITS PLZ

I think I remember them saying it was more complicated to program than they’d anticipated, but I could be totally wrong. I do remember it being addressed at some point, though.

While this is certainly an interesting (and very valid) thought, it won’t matter most of the time since Gargos spawns his minions right next to him. You’d have to seperate him from his minions and that might prove rather difficult to do while he’s on the offense.

disagree, the reason im making this thread is because it happened for the second time today. at first i thought little devil dude could somehow poke through it, but just now i discovered they can both straight up walk through it.

Its not too hard to separate gargos from his minions with aganos actually, as soon as you get a combo going, corner carry with a shadow or some linkers, ender and put up a wall. That would take quite a bit of work for aganos, sure, but i think once the walls up aganos earned “now lets play my game” treatment, as a free gargos is eexactly gargos gameplan. Add minions and aganos is pretty free…

It would be very handy for Aganos now that minions don’t get up until after the combo is over. Roll or Ruin after knocking a minion down would clear the space pretty well I imagine.

I do like the idea of the minions being stuck on the outside trying to get in by poking at the wall, and eventually destroying it in the process. Izzek’s special could even be used to bring it down quickly and the fat 1 can just use his special to leap over it.

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That is certainly an oversight that should be changed.

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I don’t play either character but I also think they should be locked out. Hopefully the devs figure it out eventually if it really is that difficult to program.

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on a very basic level, they just shouldn’t be able to walk through.

Can projectiles pass through the walls?


Well the thing is minnions have very peculiar properties as they could be described as unique intelligent moving projectile with a certain amount of “life”.
Meaning that like most of the other projectile, they won’t be able to be used again as long as they are still on the screen, thing is they can’t “kill themself” like other projectile. So if the minions were to be locked and unusuable on the screen like in that case the whole move (summonning that is) would also be rendered locked and unusuable.
My point is that in killer instinct you every character will always have access to all of his option at any given point (with the arguable exception of spinal curse and aria’s multiple body) wich would go against this described situation.

Altough it’s true that gargos - aganos MU is something like 7-3 and I’m always feeling bad for beating these defenseless aganos.

No, it’s not. The devs have admitted that the matchup is actually in the golem’s favor.

I think it would make the Aganos - Gargos matchup way too stacked in Aganos’ favor if he could lock out the minions with a wall. Although Gargos has a better zoning game than Aganos, Aganos clearly beats him in neutral and up close. A single chunk makes Gargos’ wakeup game completely null and void. Even Heavy Reckoning > Instinct is bad against Aganos as all he has to do is hit St.HP/St.HK/Cr.HP against it and it’ll beat whatever Gargos can do out of that. Completely removing the minions from his toolset like that would pretty much make it a guaranteed win for Aganos. Gargos has no other wakeup option that Aganos can’t beat with one chunk or his great meaty options.

People may disagree but that’s what I honestly believe.

I also want to point out that Gargos can’t do the usual fly away game against Aganos with 1 bar of meter as Shadow Payload Assault forces Gargos to either land and allow Aganos to get in his face or hit him out of the air and allow Aganos to get in for free.

Plus, just tossing out medium or low rock can shut down a lot of what gargos wants to do. It would be really excessive to let aganos cut off one or both minions until the wall goes down.

ya, with the recent nerfs to his portal punches I would say no to impenetrable walls for the minions. I dunno, maybe if they buffed his portal punch to what it was before all though it’s to match up specific and not a broad improvement all around. maybe have the minions take damage when they touch aganos’s walls instead?


Yes, what? Be specific!