Shin hisako vs shin chiharu

which sounds better to you and why? I like shin chiharu as it gives her true spirit more of its own identity and somewhat distance itself from the prior vengeful form.

Chisako hype.

Frank Castle is dead. He died with his family.” -The Punisher

My point is, Chiharu is dead, she died with her family. Hisako is the wrathful vengeance left behind, it is an entity with the intend of avenging the slaughter family and clan of Chiharu. Hisako isn’t a person as much as she is a symbol of wrath.

I think of it as a boogeyman. So Shin Hisako or Shinsako is the embodiment of a wrathful spirit who has transcended to a spirit of justice almost due to the guardian.

Essentially, she is the Guardian of Wrath, imo.

So I like the name Shin Hisako because the context.


chiharu is dead. there is now only hisako.


Chiharu if she looks like a regular japanese girl.

Shin Hisako if she looks like a zombie.

Seeing as how the trailer made her appear like her regular zombie looking self, I can accept Shin Hisako. They should have instead just said in the lore Shin Hisako is a more powerful Hisako who is no longer shackled to her grave site(which they did). Also make her hair white or something like Shin Akuma. Also make the lore state it’s God Hisako not true Hisako to emphasis her new strength.

The issue people have is that the lore teasers and video made it sound like Chiharu would be the character we would play as but then are confused to see the name Shin Hisako. Why bring up the “true” Hisako name if her purified true self is Chiharu. Why is Chiharu’s dad dealing with Hisako. Hisako and Chiharu are totally different personalities so people are upset the lore and names are getting mashed into one entitiy that completely contradict each other.

I think this post on the other thread best describes the situation. How can this be Chiharu, the true hisako, if she still looks and behaves like regular hisako. That’s why I accept the Shin Hisako name. I don’t see anything that makes her the true Hisako aka Chiharu even though her father came to the Hisako persona.

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the white hair would definitely add a nice touch, wow i hope ig picks that up

Would they just simplify and make a souless Chiharu? -_-

hisako is tied to her grave, now shes free to go where she pleases without the possibility of her losing energy from being gone for too long. its not very complex lol

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Shisako Hype! Shin Hisako has now officially become a Shinigami :wink: :smiling_imp:

In s3, didn’t sako get the ability to leave her grave anyway? Didn’t the lore say that she was made into a “guardian of the gates” much like Tusk, thus was was already given a power boost?

I know the teaser says she was “unshackled” from her grave or something like that, but I feel there is more to the story here.

Chiharu. It also means one thousant springs. Come on guys. Change it. It only takes the announcer and the texts. It is still early. She isn’t even released. We don’t need another character named hisako. As you did with kilgore. Imagine kilgore’s name to be proto-fulgore. Come on. Chiharu is great.

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