Shin hisako Quest Mission Shadow Lords

Does this require Kilgore Hot lead to be completed? Or what’s the name of the quest

I saw that @STORM179 got some Shinsako achievements. Perhaps they can enlighten us.

I thought he got the shin sako accoutrements because he got to play with her at kiwc

He wouldn’t earn achievements for his main account while playing on a dev kit. So unless they gave him a code there’s got to be a way

Interesting. Maybe someone unlocked her while fighting rukarri on beam today

It’s not that. We found it.

You literally just find her and beat her to recruit her.

Some ppl were given her early…that is why. Storm , Skeletal, Finch, ect…

You cant unlock her in SL. Storm didnt use her on his profile at KIWC… that was the DEV profile and the DEV Xbox at the event. I know because I tried to help Rukari find a spot and hung with him for quite a while the entire weekend.

You want her early go beat SL with her on BEAM. Otherwise it will be next week,

*** Well maybe I wrong…but IM going by what James G and Rukari told me and the rest of the world at KIWC.

I got a couple achievements with her by using her in SL after a quest where she joined my team.

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I don’t recall, unfortunately. I wasn’t paying that much attention.

You can unlock shin hisako in SL and make her join your team. She is currently in my team. I was playing in challenge mode with tusk as captain and kim wu and kilgore. And I fought a random shin hisako mimic and she offered to join my team, So kilgore was replaced.

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Wait? So the mimic is disguised?

Awesome… I was going by what James goddard told us so I guess he was wrong or trolling. But either way thats great you unlocked her

Not sure if she was mimic or not but it was not a mission, was just a regular spawn. Just keep playing

@FallofSeraphs76 Yeah I was surprised too. Many others got her too. The dossiers drops have also increased and the mode is much better now

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They must have been trolling , but you would think just telling everyone that she would be available would increase SL play. Saying she isnt available decreases play. IMO

I just assumed she was like Kilgore was. I have fought mimmics, but have not got her in my group yet.

I have ghost recon to work on, so I can wait a week and be ok if she doesn’t end in my group early.

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so you have to keep recruiting her to play as her everytime you start a new shadowlords?

I got her is SL. Either SL mode got harder or my skills have gotten alot worse somehow. I’m decent with regular Hisako but not so much with Shin Hisako. Her Spirit Slash moves doesn’t seem to actually connect or cause hit stun until after you’ve passed through so I get punished everytime I use it even on an opponent who obviously wasn’t blocking and I cleanly hit them they have time to hit me and cancel the move landing. At least that’s what it looked like to me.

The AI got a bump in skills. Now the AI can shadow counter, use Instinct more often, and will use Instinct to reset the combo meter. They also do alot better combos in general.

So, no it is not all you. "Some of it might be, but not all of it for sure " :slight_smile:

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Rukari Buffed SL