Shin Hisako Beam Preview Live

Go play Shin Hisako on the Beam Stream. If it gets a certain amount of views they will release Shin Hisako early instead of on the 21st.


It has to be 1000 viewer hours. So if 1000 people watch for 1 hour we will unlock her


Looks like shes going to be unlocked friday now.



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Unlocked tomorrow but it takes 12-16 hours to hit the store. So Rukari said if he had to guess early Friday morning AM.
Should be just in time for the weekend!


FN sweet. My wife is gone for the weekend.



That’s such great news.


Awesome! Double XP weekend + just got enough KI gold for an XP boost + Shisako release. Well, it looks like I know who my next L50 character will be.

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That’s great maybe another main.

damn Im so confuse of what beam is?(yes I know its a streaming site )

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It’s a better version of twitch.

So she is coming today or early tomorrow? How did we get 5000 people to watch beam or did y’all beat shadow lords. Why do we get double XP it’s was Wednesday so not not a double weekend.

I don’t know if I can say better I couldn’t get the stream on beam to load. Via mobile or desktop. :-/

weird. i have zero issues with it. as a service, it’s pretty nuts. maybe it’s the full integration into xbl, but the stream lag is less than a second every time i stream. i have NEVER been able to get even close to that with twitch.

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We reached the Beam hours objective, so Shinsako will be released tomorrow!!



Not that I don’t believe you but do we have an official post saying so?

I haven’t tried to open it via xbox next time they have a stream and I’m home I’ll try that. Thanks

Yeah couldn’t figure it out, oddly enough I could see the chat active. However I just had a blue dot loading on the page where the video should be. Weird.

Even though I couldn’t see the video I pretend like I could :joy:

I’m sorry you have to have such circumstances to enjoy your gaming, sir.

What so it’s actually done? Right on.

Apparently she is coming out today, shame im extremely busy :frowning: