Shin Hisako Beam Preview Live

Thanks, I get to play games, it is more that I get to play games like I did when I was 15. 8 -14 hours straight :slight_smile:

I don’t need to stop to cook dinner, help with homework, or any other thing that causes me to pause my game.

I know what you mean. For some reason I’m working the day shift today at my job (I’m usually off on Fridays) and after work we had planned to take the kids over towards civilization (I live out in the sticks) to go to Toys R Us and the Rat’s House of Cardboard Pizza, also known as Chuck E Cheese, so I’ll be out all day.

On the plus side maybe I’ll get to play Afterburner Climax, so that’s a plus.

That is why they serve beer. So you don’t know how bad the pizza is :laughing:

But I don’t drink. :confused:

I don’t mind the extra fiber in my diet on occasion, plus it’s fun for the kid

I bet it was more fun back in the 90’s when they had better arcade games. Most of the games now are less focused on you playing the games and more on dispensing tickets, at that was the impression I got the last (and only) time I was there.

Anyway, back on topic: is Shisako been set loose yet?

I think she will be ready some time around 4 pm

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There’s your first mistake…

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I thought the first mistake was going in the first place :laughing:

@WrathOfFulgore. I know you want to do something nice for your kids, amd that is great. I am just happy that my Kids don’t really care for that place.

On topic: Shin H. Is ok. I do miss the reversal that her other form has.

Shin has a reversal with HK dp

What the hell is Beam, I’ll just wait until the 31st… I work all weekend anyways.!

What reversal does regular Hisako have?

I think he means the parry.

The 3punch/3 kick move. I play Tekken also, so I look at the move as a reversal. The Tekken characters King and Nina can do the same move. In Tekken it is called a reversal. I just got used to looking at the move that way.

I think you mean Counter. Parry is what Arbiter has.

Correct. It’s a Catch Counter.