Share your history with Tusk!

Back in the 1990s, I enjoyed the fighting game genre like any other teenage boy. Whilst perusing through an arcade at the local mall, I happened upon KI2 and watched the demo replay just a bit. It looked amazing so I popped some money into it and looked over the characters. All the characters seemed really generic to me except one. For some unknown reason, Tusk stood out to me.
My eyes were drawn to Maya, Orchid and Kim Wu because they’re sexy and I was a teenage boy, but I chose to play Tusk every time. Sexy bodies were overshadowed by Tusks awesomeness. I played the game many times. Tusk was the only character I really enjoyed playing.

Fast forward to a couple years ago. I get a Day One Xbox One. I browse the games AND SEE A NEW KILLER INSTINCT!!! I download it free and jump into the character select screen searching for my old friend Tusk! … He’s not there. I’m really impressed with the gameplay and I end up dedicating myself to Thunder because he’s the closest I could get to Tusk. But I’m not especially loyal. After unlocking all Thunder’s accessories, I drifted toward Sadira and had more fun and more success.

I learn that there are two more characters coming!!! Please one of them be Tusk?! … First one was Spinal. Dang. Next is Tusk?! Nope, Fulgore. Well that’s that… Sadness.

Double Helix will not be continuing KI development. Deep sadness. They’re handing the project to another Developer! A glimmer of hope! Season 2 is happening! Jubilation!

We see the silhouettes of the upcoming cast. PLEASE ONE OF THEM BE TUSK?! One by one, the cast appears and one by one my hopes of reuniting with my old friend fizzle out. NO. TUSK. (I’m very taken by Hisako though and have been able to continue enjoying the game. Eventually my feelings toward Omen evolve from disdain toward love.)

Season 3 is mentioned but never confirmed. Now I’m afraid to hope.

Season 3 confirmed! But nothing until March… So the wait begins. For months we have confirmation of Kim Wu, meaning that IF they finally do Tusk, he’ll be the VERY LAST CHARACTER from classic KI… Just my luck. Story of my life.

Interview with Adam Isgreen confirms Tusk! I see a light at the end of the black cave of doom! Teaser from Arbiter trailer today. Dare I hope?!

The Teaser. The only teaser that felt as good as a trailer. I watched it. I loved it. I watched it scene by scene and analyzed everything. Tusk. Looks. Perfect! The blonde hair! The tattoo! The MASSIVE sword! I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this! My joy will be full when I’m beating people down with Tusk once again. Reunited with my old friend. We’ve been through a lot together, Tusk and I. Time to make some new memories.

Not especially taken with his stage, but you can’t win them all. Tusk was the most important thing here.

How about the rest of you???


He was my favorite from KI2 as well. I miss the arcade days… I would skip High school, smoke n toke, play KI 1 & 2 at the mall arcade…then pig out on Cafe Roma pizza…oh man those were the good ole days!

My friends would have to drag me out of the arcade on the weekends when we would go to the mall on Friday or Saturday night. I didnt even care about running around the mall chasing girls…I just wanted to play KI forever.


My main favourite has always been Orchid in the KI series. But I tend to have a fave of each gender in a game, but none of the male characters in KI1 attracted me. Jago was kinda cool, but he never truly resonated with me.

Then in KI2, Tusk arrived. However, he didn’t resonate with me at first, but the more I played with him, the more I liked him. Plus, along with Orchid’s theme, I think Tusk’s KI2 theme is so epic and awesome!

So I have just been waiting for him to be in the new KI… and now he’s finally here.
Sadly, none of the other male characters in KI has resonated with me either. Orchid and Sadira are my favourites so far, but I am definitely going to play as Tusk as well as soon I can!

He looked awesome then He looks awesome now.

Yup. My history.


I didn’t really play KI2 much…I lived in an area where arcades were scarce & most of the well-to-do hoIier-than-thou parents in town tended to start rumors about any sort of kid hangout place that they were selling drugs to the customers or worse, so I didn’t get to play KI2 maybe once or twice growing up.
I rented KI Gold a couple of times though but mostly stuck to Glacius & Jago, but I really liked his stage…with rocks crashing & explosions & an epic Conan-like theme I saw him as one of KI2’s defining features.

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For 20 years it has happened to me being at work or wherever and daydream about playing KI2 saying loudly DAHHHHHH, only to be asked by my supervisor/coworker/mom “what the hell are those sounds? are you arnold schwarzenegger or something?”

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The Tusk army will be reborn…

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Raise your swords and give out a roaring DAH!


Mine is an interesting and unique one. He was one of my mains when I got KIGold for my bday in 96’, I would usually play as Sabrewulf,Spinal, Fulgore, and Tusk. I always thought he was one of the main characters but, I first started playing KI2 before KI1 and when I saw Thunder from KI1, I thought he was Tusk in KI1 and thought Tusk was the Thunder redesign in KI2.

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I can foresee a great war immerging between the Jago army and the Tusk army, battling over dominance over KI. It’s gonna be a bloodbath…

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We need FACTIONS!!! Yes!!! maybe we can just start up our own here on the forums and we can carry it over into its own lobby and FACTION BATTLES!

@TheNinjaOstrich @MandrillManiac @Sasuke99I @GalacticGeek @SightlessKombat @R1stormrider @Fwufikins @xSkeletalx

What do you guys think about Forum Factions for Fun and we could have a Faction Forum battles if the Factions seem even??

That’ll be cool! Like, we could place players in certain factions that match with their mains, like:

The Jago Army

The Wulf Pack

The Glacious Armada

The Orchid Agency

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Tusk Tribe

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I like both Orchid, Sadira, and will most likely play Tusk as well.
So I wouldn’t want to choose between factions like that.

Character factions could be fun. I know we’ve already got at least one (Web Nation) so we should come up with more
Clank Tusk or Kilt Instinct should do for Tusk…
Nez Pierce for Thunder
Spawn of Gargos for that whole group
Riptor Pride
WORT of the Covenant for Arby
Hunter Warriors for Tusk/Thunder colab group maybe?
War Frogs for Rash (Battletoads would be too easy)
Kim Wu Tang Clan

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We should make a thread to promote this clan idea :smiley:

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The Nation of Fulgornia for us Fulgores. Dah.

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Ah yes, I remember that one.
Great Nation of Fulgornia
Oh! Skeleton Crew for Spinal
Church of Ice Christ (Glacius)

We could go on for days

Any consensus on ‘Tusk Tribe’? No good?

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Could work, but I’m curious what else we could do.
Swords of the North?
DAH-Fenders of the Universe?
Siberian Tuskies? (That’d be good for Tusk+Wulf)
GiantAss swords of the north?