Share your history with Tusk!

Maybe make a thread about these factions so you can go there and discuss it.
*hint hint*

Yeah, I just made one :smiley:
Its in the General discussion thread

If we were going to do this, I believe the best way to go about doing something with “factions” wouldn’t be based on a single character per faction, but two or three characters working together as a group. This would allow an individual to play multiple characters in that group without needing to change groups, but we could arrange team matches with three players per side, each playing one of the three characters in the “faction.”

So let’s say Jago, Orchid, and TJ as a single group; Fulgore, ARIA, and Cinder as another. Kim, Maya, maybe Hisako?

Tusk, Thunder, Aganos could work too.

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But Fulgornia.

Hey guys, please go here to continue the factions discussion:

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It already looks like I’ve completely misunderstood what the factions idea was about anyway… : (

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I know I’m the co-founder, but @RGLOfficial and @MRxFluttershy should be involved in the decision as well. I think it’d be interesting to do though, as a concept. Oh and you forgot the nation of Fulgornia! :smiley:

I loved playing KI2 but I wasn’t that big of a Tusk fan. But I do know that he was a major pain to fight going up the latter in the arcade.

My history with Tusk? We were friends in high school, he dated my sister for a few years before we all went to separate colleges, haven’t heard much from him in a while but I occasionally see him post something on Facebook.

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it was 1996, i had KI gold on the 64. i picked up tusk and loved his playstyle, however i was stuck on wulf because the n64 controller was pretty crap and it was hard to do DP motions on it. i had a ton of fun with the barbarian. everything about him was awesome, brute force, big sword, flashy damaging combos. i wanted more!

fast forward to 2016. a full 20 years later and he is back! his new look is that of a viking and i like it! they couldve stuck with the barbarian thing, but there is more to work with i guess if he goes this direction. plus…vikings are awesome. i like seeing the futhark on his back, think ill translate them later today (i can read em, but it takes time). is he wearing blue jean shorts?? lol if so thats cool, they could be in the vein of the techno viking that was on youtube hahaha

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This doesn’t have to be in forum battles, It can be its own unique thing… I added the people I wanted to add. Im not having my idea overridden like yours was with forums battles. (Which looks like it already has been…but owell)

When I say a forum battle, it doesn’t necessarily mean “FORUM BATTLES the stream”

We are quite capable of coming up with what ever factions we like

I would be up for this. Although I think I have a better idea…

So what was forum battles, initially?

You mean the weekly get together we currently have with forum members? Its a lobby of all us friends here that play friendly matches and we stream it as well.

You can watch one of the stream on the official KI you tube channel and on the KI twitch channel.

No I know, but you hinted that you didn’t start the stream thing. Just wanted to know what it was before.

Fudge, I never posted about my personal history with Tusk.
Well, I saw pictures of him when I figured out that KI2 existed but I didn’t care for him much at the time. Didn’t think he was as interesting as Fulgore or Riptor.
Then Season 2 Ultra Edition pre-order hit and I played a butt ton of KI2 and beat Gargos with every character, including Tusk. After playing him, I liked him a lot more.
Then he became the Dah meme and I liked him more
Then the Season 3 hype train hit me like a truck.
Then his teaser launched and his redesign stole my heart.
Then I made some Accessory and Gameplay threads.
Now I’m in this thread.

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