Shago combotrait = auto barrage?

just wondering, what is the difference between shagos combotrait and tj combos auto barrage? Seems to me its just a regular auto barrage before it got nerfed, realy hard to break etc.

Shago still has to complete both strikes of his auto doubles before going to the next strength. TJ’s auto-barrage cancels each auto double after the first hit making it that much harder to break.

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Shagos is the same as Jagos ans similar to Omens.

TJs is more like a MANUAL around the world.

Jago/ Shago can go in any order/ any mix up

Omens goes in ascending or descending order

Omen’s doesn’t have to go in ascending or descending order. You can do any permutation of the 6 buttons. For Example, you can do stuff HK, LK, MK or MK, HK, LK or MP, LK, HP.

The only think can’t do with Omen is perform 2 consecutive autodoubles that have the same strength.

HP, HK, HP isn’t possible.

As others have pointed out, Shago’s (and Jago’s and Omen’s, for that matter) combo trait chains together two-hitting auto doubles – the medium and heavy versions of which are reactable. TJ’s barrage, on the other hand, allows you to chain together single hits, most of which are unreactable. (The heavy ones towards the end are reactable, but I can’t see breaking the rest of it on reaction.) For this reason, even post-nerf, I think TJ’s combo trait is probably the best in the game – it’s even better than counter-breaking according to some ballpark figures I ran.

you just explained ascending or descending. light, med, hvy or med, hvy light, or hvy light med

that is in an ascending or descending order.

Aha ok ty! I got it all wrong then, havent had the opportunity to face or play him that much lately.

Jago can ONLY go in descending order: H, M, L, H, M, L… but can start anywhere in the chain, so if he starts with M, the next hit HAS to be L, and so on.

Omen can ONLY go in ascending order:L, M, H, L, M, H… but can start anywhere in the chain, so if he starts with M, the next hit HAS to be H, and so on.

Shadow Jago can go in ascending or descending order and can switch at any point during the chain: L, M, H, M, L, M, H… This obviously makes his the hardest of the 3 to break, but like others have already said, they’re still auto-doubles, so you simply wait until you see a M or H and break there - as a matter of fact, this is what I recommend you do when fighting against all 3 characters. :wink:


The thing is that Omen and Jago get bonuses for completing their around the world traits, while, with Shago, since he doesn’t get any bonuses for completing a cycle, your best bet is to just go H, M, H, M… if you’re going for the “optimal” combo

Optimal for damage, maybe, but I’d hardly call that optimal, since you’re starting with the easiest auto-double to break (H), since it’s the slowest. Any half-way decent player will combo-break it on the very 1st auto-double, unless you bait it with a counter-breaker.

Quick question: How do you abbreviate combo-breaker vs. counter-breaker. They can’t both be “CB” (which is why I didn’t abbreviate anything in this post - it helps avoid confusion).


I thought maybe while doing any of their “around-the-world” style combo-traits with these characters that maybe you’d be locked in with the type of attack you start with (that is to say P or K). For example, with Jago, if you start with HP, it’d have to be followed up with MP, and LP, and so on… but after experimenting in the lab (a.k.a., practice mode), I discovered that’s simply NOT the case. So, if you really wanted to throw your opponent through a loop, you can not only do the combo-trait for each of these characters, but for all 3, you can switch it up with your punch or kick attacks! So, using Jago as an example again, you could instead do HP, MK, LP… This will make it harder for your opponent to break if they’ve only trained themselves to break on 1 type of that character’s attack animations (such as P or K). :wink:

I guess you could look at it that way but mathematically its not ascending or descending.

The literal definition of ascending and descending is “increasing in size or importance” and “decreasing in size or importance”. HK, LK, MK doesn’t it fit it.

But I get what you mean and I don’t want to argue semantics.

I concede :smile:

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Omen can ONLY go in ascending order:L, M, H, L, M, H… but can start anywhere in the chain, so if he starts with M, the next hit HAS to be H, and so on.

That’s not true though. If Omen hits a M auto-double, he has the choice of inputting either a L auto-double or H auto-double righter after. I do it all the time.

Yes you can mix it up all kind of ways!!! most just mash 3p or 3k and take the easy way…i like to mix it up with regular button commands
Omens is different you cant quite mix n match

No. If Omen does a medium double,he can only do a heavy double afterwards.


man… I’m wrong twice today :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate to bust your bubble, @FallofSeraphs76, but hitting 3P or 3K repeatedly ONLY does the vanilla version of whichever combo trait you’re using. For example, Jago’s combo trait with the left bumper and trigger (default control scheme) will ALWAYS be H, M, L, and so on… Omen’s with 3p or 3K will ALWAYS be L, M, H, and so on… It goes in sequence, which makes it incredibly easy to break. Many seasoned players will see new players try to use this tactic, and let me assure you, it doesn’t work. That is, unless said new player tries to bait them into a counter-break in doing so, but if they’re doing that, then they’ve surpassed their scrubbiness. :wink:

Now, as for Shadow Jago, I don’t really know. He’s so new, I haven’t really had a chance to test it. :confused:

Dude…do you read the comments before you reply? WHere do I say that I PERSONALLY DO THIS? How are you busting my bubble? I said MOST PPL PRESS 3p or 3k. I didnt say I do it, you should do it…its the best way, ect.

I know exactly how to use Omens and Jagos around the world combo traits. And if you read my post again…its says “YOU CAN MIX IT UP ALL KINDS OF WAYS” “I LIKE TO MIX IT UP WITH REGULAR BUTTON COMMANDS”

So anyway… you can tell other ppl this, but please dont quote me as if I dont know and that Im telling ppl its the way to go.


Apparently you don’t read my posts either @FallofSeraphs76… NOWHERE in my post do I directly say that you yourself do it or even make any insinuation of the sort. I only brought it up since you brought up the 3P and 3K - those that use it will not realize that they’re actually relying on a crutch (that will eventually be kicked right out from under them)…

GG…it says i hate to burst your bubble @ fall of seraphs… how else would anyone else read that? No worries but read it again and but put your name in my place and see how it reads

I get your point, but I’m not going to do that - it’s not important enough to warrant worrying about it. Move along…