Shadow trailbailzer inconsistency

Regarding the damage, why would we need to know all that? Why not just show the percentage for each attack and the total for the combo damage as it is being performed (so it would never show anything over 100%, since you know, you’d be dead)? It just seems like a whole of stupid and unnecessary math to me. Sure, it may be useful to the devs, but do we really need the raw numbers?

As for frame data, I always thought it was frames of startup, active, and recovery, as well as the advantage/disadvantage on hit and block on the next line.

I’ve also noticed that the properties section of the attack data (something that I do understand) also doesn’t show properties for everything. For example, I can start a combo with the natural disaster opener and clearly see it push my opponent towards the corner, but the properties section won’t say anything to that affect, but it will once I do the same move as a linker. Why not show the properties of EVERY attack?

In a kind of ironic sense, I feel as if the attack data is not simple enough on one hand (the damage numbers and the frame data) and not specific enough (the attack’s properties and exclusion of certain moves from the command list) on the other hand.

On a bit of a side note, from a cosmetic standpoint, I absolutely hate how the box that includes all of the attack data covers up a huge portion of real-estate on the screen. I can’t help but think that there would be a better way to include all of that data without taking up so much space (at least in one area). Perhaps they could split the info into smaller portions across the screen (say, around the edges or the bottom of the screen), where it wouldn’t be so intrusive.

What do purple hit boxes do? I only see them for Combo Breakers and Kan-Ra’s long-range normals.

I think I found that Kan-Ra wins every trade involving those normals. Is that what they do? Higher priority? If so, I don’t understand why Kan-Ra needs that. The opponent is usually either in block stun or an unbreakable projectile combo, so high-priority normals don’t really make sense to me.

Because percentages aren’t entirely accurate to the amount of damage your doing. For example if you did one combo that does 30.5% damage you wouldn’t know that, you’d only see 30%. It’s useful for finding optimal damage between two combos that percentage wise might be doing the same amount, Granted most people may not find such small amounts of damage that big of a deal but for some of us I’d take the combo that does .5% more damage any day.

Excellent explanation. Always wanted to know what all attack data meant, bookmarking this post for future reference.

This great post should make its way to the KI guide, if it hasn’t yet, which I have not found atm.

I’m gonna take you seriously and answer your question with a super simple answer.

Shadow Trail Blazer isn’t throw invulnerable. All Shadow moves do NOT beat throws. SOME Shadow Moves/Moves are designed to Beat throws. Shadow Trailblazer is ONLY Projectile Invulnerable.

I think the real issue here is not that its vulnerable…its that the CPU will throw you right out of it in millisecond every time you play CPU on medium or above. Humans can not react that quickly to throw a shadow move. If they do, its mere luck or hyper focused planning to do so.

I have tried this as a test to just throw during an entire match against the CPU…only once out of many attempts did I catch a shadow trail blazer and throw it.

The move should be able to be used as an opener…but its way too risky. So now you can really only use it as a linker and that too is risky for fear of shadow breaker.

Even if you use to go through projectiles, the CPU will still have time to throw you out of it.

Try it on hard diff or above and see.

Im not complaining, I’m just stating the facts… and others obviously ave the same issue. they want to use this move and it doesn’t work well at all.

…Or You can just use footsies into regular Trail Blazer in order to save the meter and guarantee the trailblazer lands by confirming off a successful Normal first.

Agreed, you can do that…but whats the use of a shadow opener if you cant use it? It clearly is listed in the openers and alot of characters have shadow openers.

And this is only an issue verse CPU, human opponents will very rarely throw you out of one…if ever.

For me, this is more of an issue while playing CPU…not everyone plays online against human opponents. For me its about 75/25 - CPU/Online play.

Just seems like a flaw in the CPU difficulty game play.

try it… you will see

I wanna let you know before I go into the Battlegrounds known as Ranked, I practice on Kyle mode for about 45mins every time. Maybe more because I get competitive and nothing is more competitive than Fulgore on Kyle Mode (what a jerk). Kyle mode or CPU isn’t something you try to win against, at least for me. It’s something that teaches you how to play, what you can Do to people, because of Kyle mode I grab every TJ out of powerline, because of Kyle mode I mash light punch on Riptor’s bodyslams, because Kyle mode I Block Gud.

Fight against Kyle Cinder and play Cinder against your hardest MU on Kyle and don’t try to win at all cost, play normally and see Cinder’s weaknesses come to light. :slight_smile:

IMO shadow openers aren’t a good way to start a combo from neutral for any character. Too easy to block and shadow counter.

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I completely agree with both of you…back to the OPs question though. Why is it designed to be so inconsistent and CPU thrown almost every time?

If you cant use it, then what is it there for? Both trailblazers, normal and shadow are really bad. Cinder has a lot of trouble getting in, as all 3 of his openers are very slow on start up.

When i use Cinder, and I have him at lvl 50, I pretty much only use the target combo as an opener and jump in kicks for openers. trailblazer rarely works consistently- and alot of ppl have trouble shooting right back out with the after burner, Fission is slow and gets stuffed, and inferno doesn’t catch on well.

SO why is he so hard to open up an opponent? Shouldn’t Cinder be a quick, bad assss opener

thanks , i thought it was a bug or sth

I always thought shadow trailblazer wasn’t meant to land. It’s a full screen projectile invincible move that’s +4 on block. You want people to block that so you can start pressuring them up close.

i agree with fall its so inconsistent even when get in with it , you just drop the combo with missing a button sometimes .
i just think that cinder’s move set should get a look a at.

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Not meant to land? I just cant agree with that. why would any shadow move that costs shadow stock not be meant to inflict damage and reward you? Getting blocked to apply pressure, …helll i wish it would just get blocked! No blocks here against CPU…all throws!

I hate it when you shoot back out when using kick auto doubles. It triggers the afterburner. I stopped using kick ADs when opening with Trail blaze for that reason. I switched to punch ADs … but that can make you more likely to be read for a break.

It is what it is though…Im not complaining… I just like to talk about these things and debate them. Thats the only way to learn from others and possibly find a solution you may just not be thinking of.

Omen and Sadira say hi. Some shadows just shouldn’t be yolo’d.

The thing about Cinder’s trailblzer: it’s very versatile but the drawback is that it can be beat out by everything, even a light punch. I still question why Shadow-Trailblazer gets beaten out because it doesn’t really go any further than any of the other trailblazer strengths and it still shares the same weaknesses.

I kinda hope something is done about that down the road. I don’t mind his normal trailblazer having less priority, but I would at least love it if they would make his shadow trailblazer have more priority or at LEAST make it go twice as far as his normal one.

You need to pair your approach with his pyro-bombs. If you’re havin issues with zoners just stick a few on them and make them understand that if they do anything or try anything you’ll trigger the bombs, once your close, trigger them up to start a block string and use that to move in. Just be careful for any retaliation.

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Notice the lack of Cinder Shadows and Online players? Cinder is too hard to get in on a high level difficulty.

Ill try the bomb approach…thanks !

Just remember the goal is to get the zoner to be at a distance where YOU can have the advantage :slight_smile: