Shadow Survival + Shadow Lab (too much purple)

Please @developers , can we have the shadow survival/shadow lab opponents in their default colors as before?
I mean, if you don’t want to enable custom colors at least leave us a survival ladder without everything purple, please!
I think mimic and shadow skins should be limited to SL mode for canon purposes or be selectable from users.
Please, we already have purple interface, purple fonts, purple shadow moves for every characters and now also purple opponents…man, this game is rapidly becoming “purple instinct”.

I beg you on my knees!

@rukizzel @BlitzedKraig @TempusChaoti


Everything goes with purple.

But in all seriousness, does that annoy you that much? These kind of things never really bugs me so I’m pretty curious as to how much does that annoy people.

Well, yes…I find it annoying.
Tbh I find “limiting” not being able to choose my shadow color or fight customized shadow opponents, go figure fight all purple opponents.
I think is a pejorative change.

Sorry for the English.


I feel really annoyied from that purple stuff. Whats the big idea on purple color for shadows overall? I’ll be very pleased if they gone for good towards season 4.
And I really hope @developers take the :yin_yang: route with season 4 as its new theme for this new season with black & silver instead of black and purple. Season 4 would gain more consistency if its themed after restoring the equilibrium. A huge purpose for the dragon spirit.

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It was a change made for both story reasons and general utility. They made the change to differentiate Shadows from Mimics in Shadow Lords, and also made use of the change to revitalize Shadow Lab by giving people a reason to go back to it (unlockable skins).

I understand story purposes in SL…before it was all green, now its part green, part purple with a bit of default colors.
It’s good, canon wise it fits well.
I can’t see how shadow lab/survival could be revitalized with opponents all of the same color, quite the opposite imho…I mean all single color characters is better than variety and colors chosen during the character design?
After all surveys and topics with people asking for more costumes and colors we have at least three modes with opponents of the same smoky purple.
To be honest I always thought that the way to make the shadow lab/survival better would be enable all different colors in order to match the real combination used by the players.
It should be safe to unlock skins even fighting with standard color opponents, no need to see an infinite string of the same purple over and over, imho.

Consistency. If you’re fighting a shadow in either Shadow Lab or Shadow Lords, they will be using the Shadow skins. Just like any time you’re fighting a Mimic, they’ll be using the Mimic skins.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought it would be cool to show off whatever color you wanted on your Shadow. But this approach is a good way to tie together the modes that use Shadows and the rewards to get them. How do you unlock Mimic skins? You beat Mimics. How do you unlock Shadow skins? Defeat Shadows. It’s a good way to A)preview what these skins look like in game, and B) make sure players know exactly what they’re in for as far as unlock criteria. Keep it simple.

Besides, is fighting all Shadow opponents really any different from fighting the same Default costumes we’ve been seeing for 3 years?


I do like the shadows being purple in SL mode for narrative reasons and I am enjoying unlocking the skins but in shadow labs/shadow survival they really should just appear the way the player intended. In SL I want to feel like I’m fighting an Ultratech shadow but in shadow labs I just want to feel like I’m fighting the player. If the player wanted their character to show up purple, they’d equip the mimic skin, haha. I don’t like feeling limited. I want expression.

That’s what I mean.

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…nope, have no clue what you’re talking about…kappa


One can never have too much purple.
There are only 3 people I know of that had too much purple - DJScrew, Pimp C, and ASAP Yams (RIP), but only because they mixed too much sprite with it.
Other than that, the purple and the dank green is what keeps me coming back

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Purple is the new black!

i think the purple theme doesnt fit for a new season.

But your NOT fighting the player…

I sort of get where you are coming from, but at the same time if you want to fight players, why not just play multiplayer?

Personally I like the change, the fact that Shadows are now their own thing, and not just a mode. The Shadow Lab is an actually place in the lore. The way Shadows look has an actual purpose in the lore, other than just real world aesthetics for the players.

Really? I don’t have access to Shadow Lab due to reasons but it’s my favorite single player mode over Lords. I haven’t been able to check things out myself yet. So all the shadow opponents have the shadow skin?

Yes. All Shadows in the game that you fight against use Shadow Skins.

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This saddens me a bit. I said about MvC Infinite (and SFxT):

I feel the same about these shadow skins ruining the aesthetics of the game’s visuals. I like the idea a lot but the skins are not easy on my eyes. Not a fan to say the least. But I am aware of limited budget, so I’ll stop (complaining) here.

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I understand lore purposes, k? I’ve nothing against the lore, I love the lore!
Shadow Lords is lore over 9000 and it’s good with its green and purple opponents, why? Cause it’s lore.
Shadow lab was an online-simulator sort of, usable also for non-gold accounts like me.
How can fight 26 characters of the same color/vfx be better than fight characters with variety in colors and skins (or, at least, their chosen default color) is beyond me, that’s all.
I’ll never understand why some softco limits itself instead of adding more options and choices…I would understand budget limitations, but the mode was already good, make it all purple it’s a step back in my opinion.

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Honestly, I do think that there could be less purple going on. Between the menus, the shadow moves, the shadow skins, etc…

I’m hoping that if there’s a season 4, this will be remedied somewhat by a new color theme. Sure, the shadow moves will still be purple, most likely, and the mimics should still be purple, but maybe if there were less purple in other places, people that might not love it now could be more amenable to it then? Just a thought.

Add a toggle™

As the community always begs.